Aries + Gemini

These two signs are nothing but motion. They are so energetic and active that it would be really hard to follow their tempo. They can make an amazing couple, as both of them have cheerful disposition and they are ready for adventures and undertakings. If there is an idea on which both Aries and Gemini have agreed – it is a sign of something new and exciting to happen. Aries with its fiery character can amazingly live with cooperative, but still active nature of Gemini. Gemini here is a great option for Aries, because the representatives of this sign are usually very enthusiastic, but similar to Aries they like everything their way. However, if Aries is direct and straightforward about everything they undertake, Gemini is more intricate in the way they want to achieve it.

It is a great combination for Aries, as if the other sign is as direct as they are, it may lead to clashes. Gemini knows how to make Aries change their mind, but they are not intrusive and they don’t set conditions upon which Aries will never agree.

Together they are very creative and funny. These two cultivate the most outstanding ideas and support each other in times when nobody would understand them. A very important moment here is that both signs should want to be with each other, because if somebody of them gave up, it would be complicated to make them change their mind. Both Gemini and Aries are stubborn, but in their own way. Their combination can make active and enthusiastic couple which lives in harmony and supports each other.

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