Aries + Scorpio

These relationships are rather intense. These signs together are similar both in power and in stubbornness. Aries and Scorpio is a passionate match, but not perfect. They can have a great fun together, but soon their characters will surface and they will try to dominate each other. Aries is pushy and straightforward, while Scorpio knows his or her boundaries well and hates when other cross it. Taking into account that every obstacle is a challenge for Aries, the private boundaries of Scorpio can be compromised and it may lead to clashes.

Both partners would want to lead in these relationships. Scorpio is quite jealous by its nature, as well as Aries, but freedom-loving Aries can only feed jealousness of Scorpio, as this sign may find it funny. Every day they spent together is filled with emotions and attempts to understand each other. The understanding and respect are the main tools for this couple of signs to succeed.

As Scorpio always knows what other person thinks about or feels, it is quite easy for them to understand what direct and sincere Aries has on one’s mind. They can try to make Aries do what they want, but it is a tough task. As a result they are always surrounded by mutual tension. However, if they make efforts to save this match, their provocative nature can lead to improvements in each partner. Aries can help Scorpio be less defensive and more open to the world, and Scorpio can point out the weaknesses of Aries in order to protect one from being hurt.

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