Aries + Pisces

Aries and Pisces make good combination. Aries has a romantic nature but doesn’t really admit it, covering it with desire to control everything. Pisces are loving, caring and touchy ones who dream about person strong and attentive person. They can be amazing couple because Aries has all the traits that Pisces lack of: they are direct, confident and ready for action at any time. Pisces can change Aries lifestyle; hold them back from making and fulfilling poorly thought decisions. These couple is also a complicated one. Though Pisces wants somebody to take part in their life, Aries do it intensely and oftentimes without regard to what Pisces think about it. This can become a real problem in these relationships. Lots of Aries-Pisces couples have privacy and control issues.

Pisces are quite secretive and they have a big and interesting world inside of their head and most of the things happen there, so Aries feel challenged to find out everything about Pisces, often even intruding into their life when they were not asked.

Aries tries to control and lead the relationships and Pisces usually don’t have problems with it, until it crosses some limits that are way too private. Aries should show a little bit of patience. Pisces will feel comfortable and will tell all their secrets portion by portion. This way Aries will occupy Pisces’ heart. Pisces need to be more attentive and responding to Aries, as Aries love to be praised or at least when their actions are seen and valued. These couple are close on the Zodiac wheel which provides for deep understanding and bond between them.

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