Aries + Capricorn

Both of these signs are very stubborn though they have different temperaments. It is possible that they will have a tension from the first sight, but which kind of tension: romantic or nervous, it depends on the circumstances. Capricorn is calm and almost impossible to make one lose the temper and it is a perfect situation for Aries which consider such secrecy a challenge. Aries are very passionate by nature, if they have started doing something, it would be extremely hard to hold them back, and it is a problem for Capricorns who need to take some time to understand and develop their feelings.

Capricorn is as ambitious as Aries, but they have different methods and approaches to what they want to achieve, as well as different time for it to accomplish. If Aries is too pushy at the beginning it may lead to the automatic self-protection mode of Capricorn. It is important that both partners start their relationships from understanding and harmony, it will be easier for them to maintain it in the future.

They are a good couple, their relationships are quite complicated, but if they stick to each other, they are supportive, caring and understanding with each other. As soon as these two reach comfort together, they would never want to leave it. Capricorn needs some time to get used to Aries tempo and to understand what they feel. After this period they can develop a strong bond. Aries needs to pay attention and to be more patient in this case.

If they cannot reach understanding, they start to compete in stubbornness and sooner or later such bond weakens and leads to the finish line.

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