Pisces Compatibility

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Pisces is a very sensitive and touchy sign of the Zodiac. It is also commonly believed that Pisces are quite hard to understand. Pisces are usually original, instinctive and empathetic, being the best doctors and teachers among all the other signs. They are rather observers, than activists. They try to avoid the epicenter of events, watching it in comfort and safe conditions, no matter if their efforts will be accredited to someone else.

Pisces are oriented inwards, they are shy, discreet, easy to offend, and usually need some time on their own if something bad happens. They truly believe that if they want to get rid of the problem the best option is to ignore the problem or hide from it and everything will become normal again. They can be pretty scattered and inattentive, and should always be reminded of important things ahead. Though, they are quite messy through life, they are one of the most charming and lovable signs. When it comes to love, the best match for them is water sign or earth one.

Best Matches for Pisces

Pisces + Scorpio: They are so good together! It seems that they'd known each other long before they have actually met. It is a quite frequent thing to hear from such couple that they have fallen in love from the first sight. Scorpio can be quite dominant in the relationships, and Pisces are ok with that, as they need safety and the feel that they are needed. Both signs have profound seeing of the world and feelings, in everything unusual and unknown.

Pisces + Cancer: Cancer and Pisces are both deeply emotional and emphatic signs. They have so many things in common. Pisces are a great companion to Cancer's desire to protect and care for someone. They have vivid and creative mind and always stimulate each other. If Pisces create ideas, Cancer understands how to make them work. Cancers are quite rational and Pisces provide the romance they need so much. It is a very harmonious couple, where partners understand and value needs of each other.

Pisces + Capricorn: Though, these signs are very different, but difference in this case serves as a platform for upgrading and adding new ideas to minds of each other. Rational and practical Capricorn will help Pisces who needs to find right direction in life, as well as authority to follow. Pisces with their fancy mind and creative nature will inspire and bring brightness into Capricorn's routine. Both partners will appreciate efforts of each other and will try to input into their mutual development. This relationship is an example of mutual respect and borderless love, where partners try to make lives of each other better every day.

Pisces + Taurus: There are many things which unit Taurus and Pisces. Beauty and peace are among the basic needs of these signs. It is always pleasant for them to spend time together as they have many common interests, for example, music and fine art are among them. They see beauty everywhere. It seems that they see the world in the same way. There are several things which differenceTaurus of Pisces, but these distinctions help and support each partner. Stability of Taurus makes faraway Pisces more stable. At the same time fantasy of Pisces enriches the inner world of Taurus.

Worst Matches for Pisces

Pisces + Libra: Pisces and Libra can create very powerful combination due to their feeling of deep affection from the very beginning. However, after some time their differences begin to emerge and they are really essential that makes couple confused. Pisces can be too touchy from time to time and it annoys Libra and is a reason of many quarrels. Libra's need to be in company and talk with different people can be rejected by Pisces, who likes calm evenings at home. Both signs are exposed to adultery.

Pisces + Gemini: Gemini is a simple and light person, which reflects on its approach to everything in life. It can damage relationships with Pisces who take everything to heart and often too seriously. Pisces' sentiments will make Gemini tired very fast, because this sign likes freedom and fun, but not instant relationship-talks. Both partners tend to cheat on one another, because both of them look for something better all the time while being together, if something goes wrong. Though there is a real attraction in this case, but it promises no long-term relationships.

Pisces + Sagittarius: Sagittarius is too active, energetic and loves to spread the energy on everyone around, not only on Pisces, who wants to feel one and needed in relationships. Pisces' need for safety comfort and true feeling will never be satisfied just because these signs differ in the very nature. Sagittarius is afraid to lose him\herself in a partner, and dilution in a partner is what Pisces want and what they do. Sagittarius is direct and honest in feelings and things, there is no sense of tact that is so appreciated by Pisces. Pisces would want to spend some time at cozy home, while Sagittarius would prefer great party or friendly circle.

Pisces + Aries: The worst things that spoil this relation is absence of real trust and capability to fully open up and reveal all inner happenings to the partner. Aries is led by the Red Planet (Mars) and it reigns outer energies that are in a constant movement. Pisces is led by Neptune that is answerable for inner aura and emotions. Their borders are on opposite poles. Each is vital. It is difficult to say who of the partners must have the upper hand. The only possibility to make this union happy is to reach mutual understanding through compromises. Aries should delve into inner world and Pisces should find the connection with the outer world.

Pisces + Leo: Both of these signs show completely different ways for feeling and expressing love. The qualities or contrary elements are not the major reason for that. The problem is with strong opposition of Leo to Neptune, which leads Pisces. In case, they start the relations, there may be great damage to one another. Leo is more exterior sign, while Pisces is fully closed sign, which likes hiding in his or her own imaginative world. Thus, there is a great misunderstanding in beliefs and ways of action. There is a chance for strong and happy relations. It is possible under condition Pisces would create inside that imaginary world the heroic portray of Leo. In such case, all misunderstandings would seem unimportant.

Pisces + Aquarius: During the first period in relationships, these signs can be attracted to the quirks and unusual ideas of each other , but then Pisces will turn out to be overly demanding and orderly regarding Aquarius. Aquarius sooner or later will find out that he or she is suffocating and losing self right beside the unnatural to this sign demands. Pisces will feel abandoned and underestimated, as Aquarius in this situation will become more and more estranged over the lasting of relationships. These signs are absolutely different and only restrain each other, preventing development and success of each other.

Wild Cards for Pisces

Pisces + Pisces: They both should be a great couple, as they understand needs and feelings of each other like nobody else.

It is one of the best matches in astrology, when two Pisces meet each other. This couple can have many happy and lovely hours together, sharing their love and imagination. However, a great problem is that they will lack of sense of support and safety with each other, a practical part of relationships will be emptier than the romantic one and it can exhaust couple. They need to keep up with all the practical matters and then dive into their romanticism.

Pisces + Virgo: Virgo can be a harmonizing person for Pisces, they share love, comfort, understanding and romance. Pisces will get that comfort that they are seeking of. Pisces will make serious Virgo feel light and careless, without burden and past regrets. However, there may be some troubles at sex life, as Pisces are too sensitive and don't feel the same in bed as Virgo is more composed. Virgo should be careful and always try to appreciate the feelings of partner.

Astrology Relationship Compatibility

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