Aquarius Compatibility

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Aquarius in general is a sign with keen vision on everything. They are fans of innovation and development, of fresh ideas and startups, they are innovators and they usually express discontent if they are forced to take part in something traditional, trivial or too old. Aquarius is a humanitarian, they are for everything that can make this world better and people in this world better. It can be especially seen when it comes to technologies and science. A lot of people find it troublesome to fully understand Aquarians, as they are unpredictable in a way they are going to choose.

Aquarius is a person that is quite hidden from the outside world. Many people see only what Aquarius lets them see, and all the other emotions are left inside. They don't like showing their emotions or admit that they are committed to someone. Aquarius likes freedom and personal space, they think twice before going to the crowd. As for the love, their best mates are those of air and fire signs.

Best Matches for Aquarius

Aquarius + Sagittarius: These signs are very similar in their hobbies, points of view and life style. They are energetic, curious, joyful and freedom-loving. They can ensure funny and surprising time-spending to each other. Also Sagittarius and Aquarius are fans of technologies and interested in future. They are not afraid to set big goals, as they share the idea to make humanity and world better, at least a little bit. They are sociable enough and can always keep up the fire in the hearts of each other.

Aquarius + Libra: Aquarius and Libra are air signs, and they share a lot of similar attitudes to life. They are sociable and love to spend time away from home, exploring new things. Also, a great feature of their relationship is an ability to speak with each other about everything, art, music, life, feelings, psychological issues etc. If Aquarius understands Libra's need for socialization and love to people, instead of thinking it to be shortcoming, this combination of signs will make a great and understanding couple.

Aquarius + Gemini: This combination seems to be divinely made. Aquarius and Gemini are cheerful and optimistic people, who value each other's personal space and support in times of trouble. They are adventure-loving and extremely talkative. They are not afraid to speak about anything. In sex life they are very passionate and devoted to each other, warm love and care is presented. Such bound is very strong and perfect for marriage and long-term relationships that if can be ended, then only by an awful accident or mistake.

Worst Matches for Aquarius

Aquarius + Virgo: Virgo is one of the worst matches for Aquarius, as they have absolutely different approaches to life. Their interests and points of view often contradict. Virgo is pessimistic and inward-oriented by nature, which may seem as cold and boring for Aquarius. Aquarius is optimistic and sociable, which will always disturb Virgo and create a lot of problems in the couple.

Aquarius + Pisces: During the first period in relationships, these signs can be attracted to the quirks and unusual ideas of each other , but then Pisces will turn out to be overly demanding and orderly regarding Aquarius. Aquarius sooner or later will find out that he or she is suffocating and losing self right beside the unnatural to this sign demands. Pisces will feel abandoned and underestimated, as Aquarius in this situation will become more and more estranged over the lasting of relationships. These signs are absolutely different and only restrain each other, preventing development and success of each other.

Aquarius + Scorpio: Aquarius is a person that tries to keep up for his or her individuality, trying not to change or adapt to other person. That's why Scorpio will receive too little commitment in relationships, being jealousy and possessive. In such relationships Aquarius would rather feel trapped and taken in prison. Scorpio will be exhausted by instant fights and arguing when it comes to the smallest choice they have to make together. Scorpio is more composed and oriented inwards, while Aquarius needs to communicate and be in company by its nature.

Aquarius + Capricorn: When the relations of Capricorn- and Aquarius-individualities start, they may not see any interest in such prospect. Though they are led by Saturn, their roles on the Zodiac wheel are pretty different. The most essential point in such union is emotional connection. Capricorn-identities are too earthy, while Aqua-identities are too airy. Both have to undergo compromise. The first should get a bit higher, while the second one should get a bit lower. Thus, they will meet right in the middle, passing the same distance. There will be no letting down. Capricorn-identity will help the partner to make all ideas material. In the meanwhile, Aqua will be capable to help the partner to alter his or her life and breathe in novice happenings.

Aquarius + Taurus: Aquarius's approach to life is negligent and too easy. Such position reflects in all spheres of life including relationships. It hurts delicate Taurus. Taurus cannot accept such thoughtless relation to the most important things in life. The other distinction is the traditional vector of Taurus' life and innovative vector of Aquarius' way of life. These two signs may be compared with black and white colors (absolutely opposite) in numerous aspects.

Aquarius + Cancer: It is difficult to combine the Aquarius' need in variability and joy and the Cancer's necessity of shelter and security. Cancer natives prefer to follow the well-known for them way, they don't risk and don't make experiments. At the same time Aquarius tend to try new approaches and new possibilities. Aquarius is more extravert sign unlike Cancer. Accordingly, there are difficulties in communication and understanding between them.

Wild Cards for Aquarius

Aquarius + Aquarius: They understand needs of each other, because their needs are similar, as well as their ideas about life. They will have amazing and sensual sexual life, sharing passion and tenderness. They are the best motivation to achieve something for each other. However, they can suffer from scattering attention and lack of needed focus on them as a couple. They have to understand that commitment is about mutual efforts, but not about switching it only on one partner.

Aquarius + Leo: They are both innovative and passionate, they hate everything boring and old, they share similar ideas about relationships. Aquarius's inner zest will enchant Leo, who is always seeking for something extraordinary. Aquarius will be defeated by Leo's intrinsic taste and style. However, Aquarius could be not as attentive and praising as Leo may want. Leo's superficial delicacy and selfishness may deter humanitarian Aquarius. These people have to learn to reach consensus and both should be ready for sacrifice for their happiness.

Aquarius + Aries: The main drawback of this couple is great lack in affection. They treat one another rather brutally. Gradually, this relation dies. Aquarius partner seems to be always somewhere far away in his or her own thoughts and dreams. Aries partner requires strong release of inner powers to show the warm nature. Aries part would probably have a distant partner, which would support the initial and major instincts. Both partners seem to accept everything and everybody. If trying hard and really doing that, there is a great possibility that Aries partner would never reveal his or her true nature. This would negatively reflect on both partners and it would not satisfy any of them. Aries would suffer from impossibility to show the inner emotions and Aquarius would suffer because of these sufferings of another part.

It is well known how surprising the soul of all Aquarius-individualities can be. At times, it can greatly amaze anyone. This leaves hope for such combination, because this part could compromise and sacrifice in favor of the partner. Under condition these two decide to unite their lives, it is advised having a special room where both can go and shout a bit, when another partner does not listen. In addition, they actually require more of softness in their relations. This could greatly assist them in normalizing their rough relationships.

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