Scorpio Compatibility

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Scorpio is among the most interesting and celebrated zodiacal signs. But it is among the most feared as well. Representatives of this zodiacal sign possess an incredible level of innate power. People, born under this sign, are able to do almost everything. They are successful in any circumstances and any pressure. Moreover, they prosper and flourish under the pressure. It is very difficult to destroy Scorpio. Any problematic situation stimulates Scorpio to become better, to find lever for the task solution, to grow over the situation. Generally, Scorpio perceives difficulties and problems just like tasks which are necessary to solve. This zodiacal sign requires respect and it deserves to be respected due to its strength, fortitude and ability to be good in any situation.

But, possessing of innate power doesn't exclude sensitivity. Scorpio is among those zodiacal signs whose feelings are very deep. Accordingly, people born under this sign give the others much of warmness, love and care. They are able to be the most giving people of all if nobody hurt them. It's very dangerous to offend Scorpio. Representatives of this sign will not give the second chance. If you hurt Scorpio once, you'll be its enemy forever. Scorpio does everything ardently, confident and without doubt. As for love advice of astrology, water signs are the best for Scorpio to make relationships. Sometimes earth signs are a good alternative to water signs.

Best Matches for Scorpio

Scorpio + Cancer: Together Scorpio and Cancer possess a very rich set of characteristics as they are totally dissimilar signs. However, their otherness plays into the hands and representatives of these two signs help each other to overcome their weakness. Scorpio is a very strong and confident. It helps Cancer to feel safe. In its turn, careful and giving its love, Cancer helps Scorpio to be more relaxed and not to be jealous. Scorpio + Cancer are one of the brightest unions.

Scorpio + Capricorn: Together Scorpio and Capricorn make a great team. Studiousness and patience of Capricorn are in a perfect balance with compelling resourcefulness and investigative skills of Scorpio. Together they become confident pair and succeed in many things. Sexual life of Scorpio and Capricorn is bright and pleasant for both. There is something like sexual chemistry between them. Both of them are rather temperamental persons. Such relationship is very good if Capricorn is able to let Scorpio dominate sometimes.

Scorpio + Pisces: These two zodiacal signs are totally dissimilar as well. But their dissimilarities don't make waves, but complement the advantages of each sign of pair. Possessiveness of Scorpio doesn't make any problems for Pisces. Moreover, relaxed, dreamy and slavish Pisces is happy to give itself into confident, strong hands of Scorpio. Scorpio is glad to be a leader and patronize non-independent Pisces. Scorpio feels very important and Pisces feels loved much in such relationship.

Scorpio + Aries: When considering this union, you should imagine it through very aggressive combination of Fire and Water elements. Aries-identity would shatter the feelings of the partner. Scorpio-identity in his or her turn would wear out and make tired the partner. Such relations seem to be the combination of two most different sides that one could ever imagined. Both go two really opposite directions and in this case, it would not make them happy and attract one another. Some compare such union with the process of nuclear fusion, which would turn into catastrophe.

Worst Matches for Scorpio

Scorpio + Libra: As a rule, when Scorpio and Libra start relationship, they attract each other much. But in the long run they understand that there is an absence of understanding and there are a lot of quarrels in their life. The main purpose of their altercations is jealousy of Scorpio as well as its possessiveness. Libra natives are mostly independent and freedom-loving persons and they are nervous about these two traits of Scorpio. The other difficulty is once Libra makes a faux pas, Scorpio will not forgive it. Any mistake of Libra often becomes the finish point for this relationship.

Scorpio + Leo: It is too difficult for Leo to deal with jealousy of Scorpio. Leo is light-hearted and used to bright life out of home. Leo spends much energy for social life and then it wants calmness at private life. Dramatics of Scorpio as well as its possessiveness doesn't let Scorpio satisfy Leo's mentioned need. Representatives of both these zodiacal signs are dominant, but it's impossible to be two leaders in pair.

Scorpio + Gemini: Scorpio and Gemini perceive each other like foreigners. They are not able to accept the logics and way of behavior of the partner. Gemini is usually very sociable and friendly. Flirtatiousness is very natural for Gemini as well. It makes Scorpio angry and jealous much. Scorpio is concentrated, thoughtful, and a little bit stubborn. Sometimes Gemini feels itself in cage because of these traits of partner. Scorpio's demands are not satisfied as well because Gemini is too easy-going for that.

Scorpio + Sagittarius: The most essential point of this relationship is in the very beginning. Both sides have to show and feel the first excitement, which would make their future stable and happy. The first impression is of great importance. They don't know all trails of one another, everything is novice and amazes in the best way. In Scorpio's eyes, his or her partner would be an incredible light, which would make life much better and happier. Sagittarius would see multiple perspectives and novel things to learn, because every Scorpio possesses intriguing and mysterious soul. There is a possibility that within some time they would lose mutual interest. Of course, there is a risk that the end would be bitter. Nonetheless, such opportunity must not be missed. Both should definitely try to be together for exciting feelings and pleasant moments of life.

Scorpio + Aquarius: Aquarius is a person that tries to keep up for his or her individuality, trying not to change or adapt to other person. That's why Scorpio will receive too little commitment in relationships, being jealousy and possessive. In such relationships Aquarius would rather feel trapped and taken in prison. Scorpio will be exhausted by instant fights and arguing when it comes to the smallest choice they have to make together. Scorpio is more composed and oriented inwards, while Aquarius needs to communicate and be in company by its nature.

Wild Cards for Scorpio

Scorpio + Scorpio: Like in many other cases of the same zodiacal signs in one pair, Scorpio + Scorpio union has great chances for the excellent relationship as well as for the worst match in their life. The positive side of this pair is their passion, attraction and temperament in their sexual relationship. Magnetism between them is amazing. Both of them are very serious persons and both of them approach to the life tasks very responsible. But this idyll lasts till both partners have the same opinion. As soon as it differs, serious struggles start.

Scorpio + Taurus: Both Scorpio and Taurus are temperamental signs. There is no lack of passion between them. In bedroom the level of attraction and variety in sex life go off-scale. But relationship out of bedroom is rather difficult as representatives of both these signs are inflexible and obstinate. Conflicts may appear on the basis of jealousy from both sides. This green-eyed monster may destroy even the warmest relationship. If Scorpio and Taurus decide to build relationship they have to learn how to overcome their jealousy and possessiveness.

Scorpio + Virgo: These two signs can benefit each other. Unsteady and changeable behavior of Virgo-identity can be mastered by the firmness and confidence of Scorpio partner. This will make their relations stronger for many a time. Notwithstanding, this combination would hardly go on without some difficulties. Both possess powerful wills and desire to control each other's lives. Beyond all doubts, this would induce complications. There will reign criticism and anger between these two. The way out is respect and answerability for their own actions. They should value the best qualities of the opposite side to reach healthy relationship. The sense of true gratitude can fix all misunderstandings and create universal and solid union of two hearts. Otherwise, it is better to give up this relationship.

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