Aries + Cancer

This is quite a complicated combination. Aries and Cancer are different in so many things that it seems that they do not coincide in crucial points at their life. When the relationship starts, Aries act as usual directly and a little bit pushy. Cancer is pretty closed and it is hard to respond as actively as Aries can do. At the beginning Aries will be challenged and excited about the shyness of Cancer, but it won’t take too long for Aries to get tired of leading relationships without response this sign expects.

However, as soon as Cancer finds strength to open a little bit, this sign can tame the hot temper of Aries with its determination and calmness. Their relationships in most cases are not so long, and arguing is usual there, but they can be very deep. These signs often have the relationships that they remember for the whole life, no matter how long their duration was. If the couple has feelings, but misunderstanding still exists – both signs should be willing and determined enough to save it.

This match is difficult because signs have tempers that cannot coexist. Cancers are often afraid to reveal their full spectrum of emotions. So when Aries push and call them on, Cancers only estrange themselves even more. It is often that Cancers just walk away from the behavior they consider pressure, which is usual tactics of Aries and is not pressure at all. Aries are simply more active and need someone who can move in the same rhythm, or who can accept it. Cancers need time to trust while Aries are often impatient. So in such couple simple traits of a person become a reason of an arguing.

But if the pair of Aries and Cancer happens to be, their life is almost movie-like in terms of emotions and atmosphere. They can succeed together if they find enough patience.

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