Aries + Virgo

Aries with its fiery nature can turn the calm world of Virgo upside down. Virgo is known to be quite emotional and sensitive, but also logical and consistent. Aries is controlling, active and spontaneous. This combination is quite odd. On the one hand Aries is always challenged by the calmness and secrecy of Virgo, they always want to find out such person completely. On the other hand, Aries don’t like to wait and play for a long time. Virgo value their space and privacy, they are sensitive to the surrounding world, so they can be easily overwhelmed by the drive and energy of Aries.

Virgo will be frustrated about the way Aries do things, as it may seem illogical, too spontaneous and often for the sake of control. Aries will be irritated by excessive slowness of Virgo making decisions or by the lack of confidence and ability to stand for oneself when the time comes. These two have a list of things to argue about.

However, they have the possibility to work out, if they share passion and know when to slow down the emotions that can ruin their relationships. If two people make efforts, this combination may be great. Virgo will balance the hastiness of Aries and will help to control everything wisely, while Aries help Virgo to build self-confidence and eagerness to act at any time. Aries and Virgo will have to work for this relationship, to find for compromises and time after time one sign will have to cede in arguments for the sake of the union.

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