Taurus + Leo

Giving as Much as They Get

They cannot live without each other as soon as they become a couple. However, their relationships are far from perfect. Both Leo and Taurus are stubborn. Leo has point of view on everything and it should be this way and not the other. Taurus has a plan in life, and when something goes out of plan the frustration is huge. Also it is complicated for Taurus to admit that he or she is wrong, not because it is true or not, but because it will boost Leo’s ego and Taurus’s self-esteem will be defeated.

Both Taurus and Leo adore comfort, but it is important for Leo that everything is aesthetical, while Taurus values more the meaning and purpose of the thing than its looks (but looks is also important). If they are in harmony, these two lead intellectual conversations, they are open and expressive about their life and each other. If they argue, they try to hurt each other by all the unsaid things during rather ‘prosperous’ period. Taurus and Leo need some time to come back to normal life after their clashes.

Leo always supports Taurus, trying to be a good example of a partner, helping and going through difficulties together. Taurus often indulges Leo, and Leo likes to make romantic surprises. Leo is a very romantic nature, which often makes pragmatic Taurus speechless. Taurus knows which type of fun likes Leo and always finds a right moment to make Leo laugh. After their misunderstandings their relationships only become stronger.

Leo and Taurus are jealousy partners. Taurus is suspicious about every detail and Leo is hungry for attention. They have power to go through everything together. Their couple is very strong, because partners there are equal and respect each other, providing support and care.

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