Taurus + Gemini

Taurus and Gemini make really beautiful and lovely couple. They are quite close on the Zodiac wheel which makes them have special connection. These signs have differences and similarities. Taurus is rather a calm sign, while Gemini is known for the vital energy. However both of them value intellectual conversations. Taurus is a person who thinks a lot and can make pretty accurate assumptions from the first time, and Gemini is one who can support any topic even if has no particular knowledge about it. Together they make very interesting combination.

These two can fall in love after the first conversation. Their first romantic period is inspirational, as these two cannot get enough of each other. These signs are like magnets. They often complete each other: Taurus helps Gemini make pragmatic decisions and Gemini teaches Taurus how to really have fun. Unconsciously they push the limits of the comfort zone of each other, making their bond better.

They never stop developing together. Of course they are quite different in their rhythms of life. This is the most frequent reason for their clashes. Gemini is a quick-thinker who is like a sparkle and the decisions of this sign are also immediate. Taurus needs time to think about it, otherwise this sign panics and becomes impossibly stubborn. As soon as they find harmony and patience, any conflict can be resolved.

If they have different rhythms of development, it can lead to two people being on different stages of their life, so mutual understanding and patience are incredibly important to make this union prosper.

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