Taurus + Sagittarius

Taurus and Sagittarius can create very special bond. However, their relationships are complicated. These two are very passionate and sensitive. They take care and try to support each other, but time after time their temperaments clash and they get simply furious. In order to maintain the bond they have – they need to learn the lesson of harmony.

For Taurus comfort everywhere, especially in relationships is vital, and the comfort is usually in stability. Sagittarius has very changeable, freedom-loving and creative nature, so calm Taurus simply cannot control it. This desire to control irritates Sagittarius and failure to control partner frustrates Taurus, creating problems. Taurus likes Sagittarius because of the vitality and joy this sign expresses, though sometimes Taurus gets tired of partner’s frivolous manner, considering it as a flaw. In order to succeed they need to make consistent efforts. If they refuse to give up, they have a chance to become amazing couple which becomes stronger after every arguing.

Sagittarius loves freedom and experiments, and deep and committed relationships can become another experiment. Sagittarius is very active and can cheer up Taurus who usually spends lots of time at one place. One partner learns stability the other one learns how to become less restrained. Sagittarius will probably help Taurus open more artistic side of his or her personality which was hidden for a long time.

Taurus usually makes Sagittarius feel like home, showing that there is a place worth of taking a break and enjoying the moment. Sagittarius can open new unexpected sides of Taurus personality, making both in the couple happy. They will share lots of warm moments together.

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