Libra + Aquarius

Libra and Aquarius often start as friends, because they have something to learn from each other. They both like to be in public and have a lot of different ideas and can discuss them for a long time. After they reach a point when they are excited about each other, they start to date. Usually, they understand each other and are able to set boundaries and discuss what is a priority for each of them. It is one of the most supportive matches.

Aquarius is very helpful for Libra, because this sign has a unique ability to lead in a kind way, helping others direct their energy into the right vector. With Aquarius, Libra can implement his/her ideas easier and in a less stressful manner. This combination makes for great parents, family, teachers, and influencers.

Both of them love to socialize, but at times, Libra would still prefer staying at home, while Aquarius always wants to go out. After a few festive vacations together, this problem can arise, as Libra is demanding when it comes to attention. Aquarius has priorities, and interacting with people is one thing that makes this sign happy.

Aquarius can get irritated by Libra’s indecisiveness compared to the seamless decisions and solutions that come to Aquarius’s mind. However, Aquarius is always ready to support Libra and to help the partner relieve tension. Libra will always need this feeling of safety, and Aquarius will be able to provide it. Together, they will reconsider the value of freedom. Libra will support Aquarius and will help to overcome the difficulties on their way.

One of the best things about these two is their readiness to grow and develop together. Learning is a part of their relationship, so if they stop their evolution, the relationship can be in danger. Though they will have a lot of conflicts, they will figure out a mechanism to cope with it. It might happen that one of them prefer to run away or escape.

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