Gemini + Libra

They make a great couple. They share the same point of view on many things and can keep talking to each other all night long. The time they spend together is never boring: it flies fast and partners cannot believe that they have spent so much time together. Both partners have stable ideas and perception of the world, if this perception coincides, they have all the chances to become really happy together. They feel comfortable in each other’s company. For these two the home is where their partner is, which makes them true romantics.

Libra is very stable sign, who always keeps up to one opinion and is very hard to persuade in something or change it. However, Gemini is quite open-minded and changeable sign. Libra’s pressure makes Gemini feel restrained and it leads to secrecy and protective behavior, and resulting in clashes. Gemini is the one that makes hasty decisions and then understands what should be changed. Libra helps Gemini make initially correct decisions, by directing the thoughts of Gemini into the right orientation. Gemini makes Libra less serious and teaches how to approach things in an easier manner.

Their union is very joyful and funny. These two usually make jokes only they can understand and laugh like children. Their company is always a pleasant one. They share everything together, so each partner feels like legitimate and considerable part of the life of another person. They are capable of handling any obstacle in their life. They can be a very happy and successful couple.

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