Cancer + Libra

These two need some time to get to know each other, as from the very beginning, Libra might seem too safe for a Cancer. Cancer has a more feeling nature and will require the same emotional level from their partner. Libra needs some time to start a relationship. It is great for Cancer, though they will need to feel affection from the first dates.

The first date can go weird, with a sort of tension but attraction to each other. Libra will be observing and jumping to conclusions. Cancer will feel tension. Afterwards, they will feel attraction. Mostly, the start of their relationship depends on the situation in their birth charts. Cancer can feel out of place with Libra sometimes, as Libra is not so talkative or open. Cancer might expect Libra to play a game of cues, but Libra is direct and doesn’t play games. Both signs require some time to understand the traits of each other.

If they last long enough to fall in love with each other, Cancer will really appreciate Libra. They need to share everything with each other, avoiding secrets. Cancer and Libra will have a lot of things in common and are able to build really firm relationships. They are both excited about their home, and it makes them closer. However, Libra also wants to socialize outside, while after some time, Cancer will want to spend more time at home. They live together by realizing the wishes of one another, focusing on their partner, so nothing else can distract them.

The key to succeed as partners is honesty and straightforwardness. The fewer secrets they have, the more connected they are. Also, avoiding drama over little things will help them in their everyday life.

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