Virgo + Libra

Both of them have a sharp mind and well-developed intuition. Sometimes, when they feel that this is going to be something real, they can start dating a very short time after they’ve met. It often leads to some misunderstanding, as they don’t know much about each other, but later they figure out each other’s pace in life, and everything runs smoothly. Virgo usually needs more time to get comfortable with Libra, while Libra easily adapts to a new partner.

Both usually have great analytic skills, often powered by their intuition. They display their best traits at the very beginning. Libra is so straightforward that some might consider it tactless. Virgo is more careful with words. However, Virgo feels that Libra can be an equally powerful partner. Also, Libra’s ability to bring harmony into his or her life is charming to Virgo. Some problems might appear due to the concept of privacy. Libra can tell anything to anybody, while Virgo prefers to have their private life a secret, though both of them are sociable people.

This couple has numerous topics to speak about, and it makes them closer. The only difference between them is in approach: Libra juggles with topics quickly, and Virgo wants to discuss less in quantity but more in quality.

Sometimes, those two will need to try hard to compromise, as they have fundamental differences. Libra is not so flexible and, thanks to Virgo, will learn a lot of matters from different sides, widening his/her horizon. Libra will help practical Virgo see the value of beauty and style. They complement each other and encourage to achieve more.

They will have problems once in a while, because Libra wants to have Virgo’s attention 24/7. Virgo naturally seeks a safe place to be alone for a while to reload vital strengths. However, these signs are absolutely compatible, as their relationships are full of inspiration, passion, and intellectual conversations.

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