Libra + Pisces

Libra and Pisces can experience real love together. They start relationships really smoothly. Both of them are looking for something extraordinary and intriguing. Libra’s charm easily wins Pisces. Pisces attract Libra with great taste and endless imagination. Pisces have a lot in common with Libra and feel very safe with them. Libra provide the sense of harmony in their relationships, and Pisces get rid of natural anxiety if they are paired with Libra.

They will feel that there is not enough time with their partner and will want to spend as much time as possible together. They are able to work on their differences and usually strive to become better in relationships. They have the image of love in their mind and try to make this image come true.

Both of them adore aesthetics, style and culture, so you can often find them in museums, cinemas, and at concerts, which only adds a romantic vibe to their relationships. Libra like surprises and intrigue. Pisces are one of the most mysterious signs, as you never know what’s on their mind. It challenges curious Libra.

The most dangerous thing for them is routine. They are romantics, but Libra generally tend to pragmatism. Sooner or later, the period when everything is for the first time ends, and they need to cope with the reality. It is hard for Pisces, as they prefer to spend a lot of time dreaming. Libra will want some movement of the relationship, and Pisces will need to provide answers. If Libra applies pressure, Pisces can simply run away from tension. The best thing is to give both partners some time, and the solution will be obvious, as they cannot be without each other for a long time.

In order to keep vitality in their relationships, Libra and Pisces need to involve passion, add a little bit of drama when needed, and create romance, exploring new things together.

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