Libra + Capricorn compatibility

It is either a love or hate relationship between Libra and Capricorn. Libra has very powerful charisma, which attracts Capricorn at the beginning, but Capricorn is a very observant type, so charisma might not work. Libra feels that Capricorn is intelligent and serious, and this “playing cool” intrigues Libra, who wants to win. The outcome of these two often depends on the situation in their birth chart.

Libra easily picks the tactics to win Capricorn, playing with intelligence and wit. Though Capricorn judges by actions and not words, it will be hard to resist Libra’s power of wit. Capricorn usually needs some time to evaluate if he/she wants to pursue this relationship. It can hurt Libra, feeling that, for Capricorn, it is never enough. Both of them are serious about love and don’t like to be precarious. As they are both ready for a deep commitment, it can be a good reason for them to give each other a try.

Libra has a unique skill to help Capricorn relax. It is not manipulation, but long conversations to help them know each other and slowly fall in love. While Libra can fall for Capricorn quickly, Capricorn will still be really cautious about his/her feelings for a long time.

Capricorn can be the one who leads in the relationships. It will be important for Capricorn that Libra’s words coincide with reality; otherwise, there will be a lot of conflicts. Both partners are ambitious though they have different approaches to achieving goals. If Libra wins a Capricorn’s heart, it is serious, because Capricorns’ love is real and long-lasting. They can compete over the dominance in their relationships, but they are great couples with a great potential, though they are a complicated match.

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