Libra: The Shop-Steward

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The Libra hound has one single purpose. It wishes to advance and improve the lot of the working hound. It can start from the very bottom, but within brief period of time it will be on the top. Nevertheless, this hound is pretty lazy. It is not very obedient. The hound adores a lot of food and if you want it to do anything in the evening, you will have to prepare a lot of biscuits. Otherwise, it would not make even a single movement. Mark that it hates having any competitors. There can be only one hound and not more than one. This canine does not show too much of its emotions and you would hardly notice any deviations in its behavior that cannot be called normal. It is quite patient and steady. This canine is greatly determined to achieve what it wishes and likes the things offered by the life. It believes that every canine in the world is to be treated like humans. Accordingly, it would demand all the things that belong to the owners too. Nevertheless, it would try to repay and give that it can in return. It is pretty good from one side. However, if your pet sleeps in a basket on the floor, you will have to sleep in it as well. This is the just nature of all Libra hounds. This type of the hounds is quite strong and adores foods. Accordingly, it would do whatever is required to receive a nice treatment in the form of the nourishing meal. Notwithstanding, it is better to watch the hound's rational, because within time it will receive excess weight. Of course, overweight induces multiple health problems, which can threaten your pet. You have to develop a healthy diet and watch his or her body mass. When you see that your pet is sick or has no enthusiasm, a whole day of starvation might turn to be the best cure. It goes without saying, that your pet would not like that at all. Nonetheless, this is the best way to make it strong and healthy again. Mind also that you might be forced to keep the same diet as well. You have to suffer for your pet, if you really love it. Every saved ounce during your dog's childhood would save it from additional pounds in older age. This is utterly essential. The male would spend much of its time with the opposite sex and it would do that in the most delicate and discreet manner. Conventionally, this type of hounds does not induce many complications. These folks are decent and are not involved in many troubles, which use to undergo other pets. Notwithstanding, there may appear difficulties with female pets of this sign. She-dog does not like abusing the opposite sex and it would hardly refuse the male partners. Therefore, to have pure and strong breed, you will have to keep an eye upon female Libra hound. You will have to remain close to such dog during your walks or keep the dog at home.

As this dog wishes to be treated as its owners, you would have to allow it sleeping inside the house. Unless you like sleeping outside. This dog will be satisfied if having the same rights as the owner. All other occasions would make it misgiven. Be patient and watchful with your deeds and treatment of the pet. It has a strong and persistent desire to be a real partner of your life and a complete member of your family. This hound knows how to reach the desired comfort.

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