Taurus: The Strong And Silent Type

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Dogs born under the mark of Taurus are diligent, strong, soundless and decisive. You can lead this sort of dogs, but never drive. These dogs have kind temper and are very friendly. They have nothing against doing what the master says. They are quite compromise. The best what could ever be for these dogs is to be as close to the master as it is possible. This would be the best dream for them and they would remain devoted to the owner until the last day of their life. You should remember one essential point about these dogs when you would be away from home. In case, the whole of your family leaves and you wish to protect your house with the help of your pet, you should leave something with your scent. Afterwards, such devoted dogs would guard your house in the best way. These dogs are rather lazy. You won't see them dashing round the house without a stop. They adore being pampered. Consequently, you have to create all possible conveniences for your pet, if you really love it. A comfortable bed would be much better for such dogs, than running over and under hill, through woods and parks. This is a great bonus for those hosts who do not really like having all those long and constant walks with their pets. Nonetheless, these pets adore being outdoors and driving in the car with the window down. This would greatly entertain them. Mark that these dogs may be pretty hard-nosed. Thanks to their warm-hearted soul, you would hardly find it difficult to train them. In addition, these dogs do not run away from home, because they are very dedicated to their hosts and the place of their living. Just like humans born under this sign, dogs are quite possessive and adore all the fine things (according to dog's likings). They would guard what they think belongs to them. Accordingly, you have to warn all of your visitors to avoid taking the things of your dog. Otherwise, your merry, patient and calm pet might show its fangs and bite somebody. This moment is very vital.

These pals are all about food and might become very aggressive and unfriendly when it comes to their food. Don't be surprised when you would find your garden full of holes with your dog's supplements. These dogs are strong and full of energy in their early years. However, with age, they get fat and this may cause health problems. This is a common state for older dogs of this sign. Therefore, you have to undertake preventive measures to avoid overweight. Good diets would greatly help in this situation. Of course, their persistent character would induce some complications. They would sit for hours in front of the refrigerator. So, get prepared and compile patience. It is interesting that they adore music. This would be a conventional thing that your dog would listen to music and howl in unison. These dogs are utterly devoted to their owners and they would protect all members of the family. Sometimes, they would protect some of your friends whom they know very well. They would also guard all the things that they feel belong to them. These canines are so possessive that at times, they would not give up an inch of their favorite spot, where they use to rest. There is a great sense of territory within them. Such dogs get used to definite people, things and places. Everybody has to consider these likings to escape complications with such dogs.

One of the most amazing and pleasant things about Taurus dogs is their compatibility with almost all signs of the Zodiac wheel. Only Sagittarius-born have to be watchful with these canines. The main problems appear due to two different natures of these two signs. Sagittarius adore travelling and don't like to remain in one place for too long. Taurus dogs prefer staying at home and cannot do long without human's companionship. The relations with other signs would be just perfect. They adore children and are fond of nature. Such a dog would be a nice, devoted and faithful companion.

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