Sagittarius: The Problem-Dog

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This very type of the canines has a very difficult character. The major problem of such canine are two even energies that reign within the creature. It may not know to what it belongs. This canine does not know what the rest means. It is on a continuous move, just like the humans of the same sign. It can get easily bored without the underdoing it adores. This creature would rapidly switch from one business to another one. It cannot do something for a long time. There is an inner struggle concerning what it actually likes and wishes to do. This splits its personality and twists the loyalty. Notwithstanding, this animal possesses utterly strong and well-balanced body and it has tremendous endurance. It can undergo physical exercises for very long period of time. It receives great pleasure from doing that. It has delicate and beautiful ankles and feet. It has great health, which is better than in most of the rest Zodiac representatives. Nevertheless, it may harm itself if not containing enthusiasm. There may be frequent pains, bruises, strains and something of the kind. Thus, your canine might become a common patient of veterinary office.

Frequently, huge dogs are born under this sign. These possess muscular and sturdy bodies, and they are long-limbed as well. This creature is very devoted and faithful companion. If you are a true friend of this dog, it will be your best companion. Such dog is conventionally used in the work with blind people or even other blind dogs. They will not let them down and will be the best “nurses” for them. In addition, they can quickly learn multiple tricks and will accomplish them perfectly. This dog would like to get to the bottom of everything in what it is involved. Such type does not really suit the house-proud owners. Such a dog may turn everything upside-down. To resolve this misfortune, it is recommended providing a lot of outdoors time. Such overly energetic animal requires a lot of fresh air and freedom for movement to release its inner energies. The main thing you should know about Sagittarius dog that your life will never be boring. Therefore, this is the best choice for individuals for possess great amounts of energy and desire to have an active kind of life. At the same time, it will not suit slow people who prefer peaceful life-style.

This type of hounds is similar to humans who thrive when they possess personal freedom and independency. It prefers choosing the companions on its own. Regardless who has bought the puppy, this does not obligatory mean that it would accept him or her. You have to offer the best conditions to become a friend of this animal. Nonetheless, even this does not guarantee your success. It will either enjoy your company, or will run away. Everything depends on the personality you are and the personal preferences of the creature. The maximal what you can get from the dog that has rejected you is the same treatment as if you were a casual acquaintance. It would be polite, but not enough. In this case, the combination of two Sagittarius will not suit one another. The best, and probably the only opportunity for a perfect union is the friendship with Aries-identities. They have much in common and can slightly understand the needs and desires of each other. In occasion, the compromise is reached this companionship would be happy and entertaining.

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