Aquarius: The Friend

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The Aquarius hound has great determination in learning all possible tidings about everybody and everything. This natural curiosity is very helpful for the creature. This hound wishes to know every single detail. Otherwise, it would not do for it. Only some distant information cannot satisfy its curious mind. Therefore, such smart hound would spend a lot of time to learn all the details. However, it will slow down if the owner requires more time from reaching the needed point.

This canine has tremendous patience and slowly advances to its goals. You would hardly see it in a haste. It would stubbornly approach its aim, systematically, inch by inch. Consequently, it may drive crazy any owner. This canine is so amazing and unconventional that it can possess traits, which would be weird even for other canines. This sort of hounds is commonly tall and well built. The eyes are deep and widely apart. The head is usually droop and the expression is peaceful. At times, it seems as if it is deeply in thought of its own and serious matters. This is one of the best options of a housedog. It is calm, patient and steady. It won't make out of your peaceful house any kind of a mess. This is a dog of harmony, but not of chaos. It is busy with its own business and it goes exploring this world silently. Even if it induces some things that do not comfort you, you can slightly and quickly overcome all the misunderstandings. You only need patience and if you lack it, you can learn it from your pet. Everything is possible with this sort of dogs.

These hounds are commonly involved in the field of entertainment. Oftentimes, those whom you see in a circus or on television belong to the sign of Aquarius-born. Notwithstanding, the best for these hounds is to be amongst the pack of other canines. Even if those act erratically and overly energetic, it would suit the Aquarius dog. The major spot lies within the sense of freedom. These dogs would greatly thrive if having enough of freedom and independency. These canines are very kind-hearted and friendly. The home is a special place, where are gathered all their friends. These might be not family members only, but their neighbors and friends. The canines born under Aquarius sign are also very dedicated to their owners. They would protect and greatly value their dearest humans throughout the entire life.

The most suitable companions from the side of the humans are Gemini- and Libra-individuals. Libra-born are all about service and domestic matters. This fits these hounds. When talking about Gemini-identities, they have the same inquisitive minds to all novel things, wish to put their hands into every dealing and adore independency. Of course, the stubbornness of Gemini owner may induce different misunderstandings and troubles. Nonetheless, the smart Aquarius canines are quick in adaptation to different situations and persons. Consequently, they will quickly find the way around all the impediments.

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