Gemini: The Yapper

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The Gemini dog will know no rest. It will be flexible and turbulent. It will do many things at once, for it possesses great stores of energy. Such a hound feels the feelings of people very well and can find nice connection with anybody. At times, it seems that this type of hounds remains forever young, (even like a puppy) and it requires your continuous attention. It wishes to be involved in all happenings and needs to be on a constant move. Under condition, the dog has a certain goal, is willing to move, it will be simply unstoppable. This all is possible thanks to its nervous energy. It hates doing the things it does not like. Consequently, when asking to do such things, all the rebellious energy of the dog withdraws and it will become upset and unmovable. When this dog is a puppy, it may turn your house upside-down. It gladly explores all novel places and regions. All novel things are of tremendous interest to it. When you move in the new apartment, you may be sure that your puppy would explore every single room and would learn every single inch of the house. Its curiosity knows no measures. It can be matched with the curiosity of Gemini-humans. These individualities are interested in many things at once and they never stop in learning novel information. This dog is very charming and quite soon, all of your family members and your friends or neighbors will be amazed by the pet.

Thanks to its great energies, it would be very difficult to train such hounds. This sort of hounds is sure that he or she knows what is best and thus, it is determined to do what it likes. Accordingly, you have to be determined as well and you require a lot of patience. After you overcome the stubbornness of your pet, you will be capable to teach it whatever you wish. In occasion, you are fond of sports and want your dog to win races you have to choose the Gemini-born one. Mercury is the ruling planet of this sign and these dogs are natural runners. They like doing that any time. At times, they seem to never stop at all. Therefore, you should expect a great success in races with such dog. One never knows what to await from this hound. How to have a hold on such dynamic and unstoppable hound? Well, you have to get it on a leash. In all other possibilities, you will not know what your pet will undertake next. It can dash across the street chasing a cat or something of the kind. It is utterly inquisitive and is always attracted by some novelties. This hound likes having many friends, but would like to hang out with them for a couple of days. This hound is not that devoted. In occasion, there is a chance to run away, it may easily use it. Therefore, remember this moment and be watchful.

The best hosts for such type of a dog are Leo- and Aquarius-born. Leo-identities have natural sympathy and are determined, which suits this dog. Aquarius-identities let go the things in a natural and reasonable way, so that such pet could feel itself conveniently with such master. The others may experience great difficulties with such dog.

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