Capricorn: The Social Climber

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This kind of hounds is very ambitious and wishes to reach the best it can. It is similar to humans of this sign. It is determined to do whatever is possible to be successful. This hound would so to speak climb the social ladder until it receives what it desires. This process may take long. Nonetheless, the persistent character that knows no restrictions would advance systematically until it reaches the top. The hound is reserved and pretty diplomatic. This is a very accommodating pet. Some say that such dogs look older than they should be in their early years. Nevertheless, they get better within the age.

There are many representatives of this sort of canines who can withstand cold climates. For instance, to this category belong Husky or Saint Bernard. This animal is not afraid of hard laboring. Notwithstanding, do not hope that it would accomplish all the tasks quickly. It would take some time to train this creature well. Therefore, you will have to summon your patience and mastery. Your walks with this canine may take too long. It likes falling behind. There is no haste in this sort of canines. In addition, it is hard-nosed and frequently, you might experience great difficulties in making it do what you want. It may totally ignore your commands, even when you are shrieking on it. Nonetheless, most of the handsome dogs were born under the sign of Capricorn. Each dog possesses perfectly balanced body structure and regardless of the breed looks nicely outside. At times, such a dog would possess too long nose and an underslung jaw. In all other appearances, it is very beautiful.

There may appear great difficulties when the Capricorn dog fails to maintain its living standards. This canine is quite emotional and with years, it becomes more and more depressive. This can be noticed by the lack of interest in its eyes, slower movements than usually and so on. Such dog does not wish any sort of entertainment and it would hardly bring pleasure to its owners. To resolve this burning issue, it is advised treating the canine in a royal manner. It needs only the top-class conditions of life. Such canine would also require a house with a lot of space. Mind that this sort of canines possesses tremendous feeling of style. It can slightly understand when its owner is dressed well and when he or she should better remain at home. Seeing the owner in nice clothing, the canine would be pleased and happy. Thus, it would be glad to have such an owner with whom it can attend friendly parties or simply stroll round the city. Some people may be lacking style, but not this canine. It raises the standards of life. This might prove nicely for the owners. They would like the idea of possessing all finer things and would purchase novel clothes, furniture and other belongings. The humans would gradually become proud of their house and this would make the canine a complete member of the family with appropriate treatment. It is worth adding that under such conditions, such treatment would be well deserved.

This hound plays important role in social interaction of the owner. The hound plainly understands that there should be authority, which would bring convenience. This hound will appreciate reasonable lead of the human. It would become very obedient and patient. You only have to act the right way so that your pet would see that your deeds are not purposeless. Show the true confidence.

The most profitable combination can be done with a Capricorn-individuality. There will be almost immediate mutual understanding, with tons of enthusiasm and desire to climb the social ladder. Both would show great patience and determination. Another beneficial union can be done with Virgo owner. There will be tremendous balance between these two. There should be also added Taurus- and Libra-identities that can slightly get along with this outstanding canine. The worst combination would be with Sagittarius-born. It is better to avoid such companionship, because it will develop multiple complications.

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