Cancer: The Home-Lover

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The Cancer hound is a contrary animal. It is closely linked to the sea and tides. Therefore, there would be no surprise seeing this hound jumping in every watery area it meets. This hound is a real lover of the home. Just as humans of this sign, the dog strongly loves the place where it lives and undoubtedly, each family member. It also takes care of the relatives and the closest friends of the family. This is probably the most patient type of a canine out of the whole Zodiac wheel. This dog is much like a human, when it comes to emotions. It has strong connection to the feelings and emotions of others. Though it prefers being left unnoticed, this does not obligatory mean that it does not need your attention. It may even greatly suffer from being alone. You have to give more heed to this sensuous pet. It is capable to feel all types of feelings. Give your hound the feeling that you really have a great need in it. Thus, it would become utterly dedicated to you and would not leave you at any rate. Always encourage the dog, pat it and say how good and clever it is. Such dog is commonly bony, the legs are longer than body and it would be moving sideways. This kind of hound is predisposed for having psychosomatic complications. This all is caused by its deep emotional state. Any time the life seems to be too heavy to deal with, it would be reflected on its emotional and physical appearances. You have to pamper your dog under such conditions. It is good at breeding and is very productive. It brings to life many healthy puppies. Nevertheless, you should expect difficulties when the time comes to remove the puppies from the mother. It might even fight for its little ones, because it is deeply connected to all the nearest creatures. You have to be very careful in such situations. This dog can settle practically in any place. When moving to a new place of living, it would immediately examine the whole territory. It does so out of natural desire for safety and comfort and not out of curiosity. It would take a close view to every corner and would choose its own. Afterwards, it would be on a constant watch of the house. It would protect the things that seem to be its own belongings. It would be a great stress for the dog, under condition it finds that such things belong to somebody else. This would seem to be unfair and cruel for the dog.

Get prepared for the powerful inflows of the Mood energy, which leads this sign. At least once a month, it will fill the dog with restless energy, which would make it dash outdoors and howl the entire night. Nonetheless, this is an exception. Conventionally, this dog is merry, faithful and lovely pet. It would feel enormous dedication to the owner regardless how he or she treats it. However, you have to memorize that it would not withstand separation for too long. After long separation between the dog and the master, it would forget it. This canine can easily learn all the trainings and it does it with great pleasure. Another great point about this hound is that it advances and is capable to master many things in its trainings. Nonetheless, when it grows older, it would not undertake its own decisions, but would put to usage only its previous experience. It would reject all novelties. Therefore, teach the dog all that is important since its childhood.

The best owners for this sort of dogs are Pisces- and Scorpio-identities. The Pisces-born are known for their strong connection and understanding of the feelings of other creatures. Consequently, they can slightly deal with the inner happenings and inflows of the Cancer dog. Such dog should not belong to Sagittarius-individuality. Though such a dog is compatible almost with all signs if trying hard, the combination of these two would not bring anything good. Sagittarius-individualities don’t stay in one spot for too long and Cancer dog hates being left alone for too long. This dog deals well with children and even considers itself being one of their brothers or sisters.

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