Leo: The Boss-Dog

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The Leo-born hound is the real royalty and the "boss". This is a real dominant and it would not give you even a half of an opportunity to take the upper hand. It acts very confidently and seems to take the others as its servants. Nevertheless, few of individualities would ever understand that they have been manipulated by the natural strength and charm of this hound. It does its manipulations in a very cunning way. Regardless of the breed, it seems to be perfect. It is a domineering specimen. This dog is fearless, courageous, proud, self-assured and strong. Even the proportions of its body are just perfect. It has its own charisma and great power of will. It knows what it wants and reaches those things. In occasion, there are some health difficulties you should expect them from the side of the spine. That very part of dog's body is utterly vulnerable and the owner has to be careful with it. It goes without saying that the place of living for such dog is something personal and special. It is quite friendly and you may see it surrounded with a lot of other dogs. They would be treated in the best way by the Leo dog. It would be in the head of any pack, for this is a natural leader, no matter in what company it is. Almost in all occasions, it is a very cheerful and kind companion. Notwithstanding, it may act dogmatically and pompously.

When it comes to the interaction with humans, it may turn into a real trouble. The owners are to be watchful with such canine from its childhood and treat it firmly. Otherwise, they would have to fetch this royalty for the rest of its days. Show that you are the master. In case, you are successful in this vital part of your relations, the dog would be charming, kind and rewarding. This would significantly ease your life side by side. This type of the hounds remembers the praise for their excellent deeds very well. Therefore, do not forget to praise the hound for the braveness and other nice deeds. It would be utterly grateful for that. Such hound is an excellent police dog. It is smart, courageous and cunning. It will not be afraid of the criminals and will snuff out all the trails of the bad guys, bombs or drugs. This makes such a hound a devoted and almost irreplaceable partner. Due to its nature, the hound needs to be treated as a royalty and cannot withstand ignorance. Just like Leo-humans, it prefers being in the center of everybody's attention. It is also utterly devoted and it would eagerly give its own life to rescue the owner. Consequently, you have to honor and love such a dog. Safe being good police dog, this type is a perfect guardian as well. However, there is one interesting and funny thing about it. Leo dog is often afraid of cats and it would run far-far away at the first sight of them.

The most suitable owners for Leo dogs are those born under the signs of Aries and Sagittarius. Both signs possess great energy. In addition, such individualities are on a continuous move, are stubborn and fond of adventures. This perfectly fits any Leo dog.

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