Virgo: The Helper

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The Virgo hound is probably the best candidate for being a beloved home pet. It is all about the domestic affairs. Such hound would prefer remaining at home in great silence and happiness. It would do whatever is possible and needed to become the most beloved and actually perfect pet you could ever imagine. Just like the humans, this canine would be glad to serve. Therefore, when you tell it to accomplish this or that thing it would shine with great happiness and pleasure. It does not even think for a while either doing it or not. It obeys perfectly. Consequently, this is the best type of a dog to teach all commands. In addition, this dog is the cleanest amongst the others from the Zodiac wheel and it would not tear the things apart, nor would it bring mud to your apartment. This type is very strong physically. Notwithstanding, to keep it fit, you will have to exercise a lot with it. There is one great misfortune about its health. It is greatly predisposed for having troubles from parasites. Even a single flea may start some inflammatory processes on hound's skin. There is also a great predisposition for having troubles with digestive system. You have to constantly check what the dog eats and whether there appear some problems with digestion. There are almost no problems when the dog is little and young. However, with age, it would cause definite troubles. It wishes to be surrounded with the things of real beauty. It would demand from you the best chair in the house, the most delicious food and other things of luxury. This kind of a hound could be fairly called a plushy hound. It always reaches out for the best things, which would guarantee its convenience. It would refuse sleeping on the hard floor. In most cases, it prefers being in the garden, for there is strong and deep connection of the hound and nature. Therefore, try to seek a house with garden.

The best thing that brings real pleasure to such a dog is service to its owner. Ask to bring newspapers, count socks, clear the table or something of the kind. It would be happy to fulfill any task. This entertains the dog and releases you from some routine doings. It sticks to definite habits. This means that the processes of feeding or walking should be done at one and the same time. Be careful with it. In case, you hate getting up early in the morning, you should teach your pet to go out later. The working dogs or sheep dogs would be content working the whole day. One of the disadvantages of this dog's type is its incomparability with children. They hate being treated roughly. Little kids do not control all of their moves perfectly and may at times hurt the pets. Consequently, don't be surprised when your dog would bite the kid. Nevertheless, it is a nice choice for those hosts who like keeping in their houses different animals. The Virgo dog shows tremendous patience and tolerance to cats. Such combination is nothing, but perfect for them.

The best owners for this dog type are identities born under the sign of Taurus and Capricorn. These individuals are eager to share earthy elements and like cats. Nevertheless, if acting correctly, this type of the hound is compatible with all individuals. The only exception may be Scorpio-individuals. These hold this dog for a boring flatterer.

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