Pisces: The Interpreter

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The canines born under the sign of Pisces is another split personality. Just like the humans, they are pulled into two different directions, which might be completely opposite to one another. There may grow up utterly complicated canine, when there is lack of intellect and sensuousness. Their mind might turn to be much unexpected and they would act all of a sudden and quite contrary to what you could expect. They have possibly the most frequent change in moods. Every next change might greatly differ from the previous state and behavior.

They may walk around for many hours deep in thoughts. They are somehow contained in themselves. Probably, deep inside, they are those perfect dogs that can easily please their owners and who can receive real pleasure from the service. At times, it can be noticed by their sudden, but pleasing actions. Nonetheless, these actions do not have a constant nature, because there reign continuous mood swings. There is nothing unconventional and weird about their physical state. They are pretty active and funny. They can greatly entertain the owners and their friends. However, they are predisposed for having leg and foot illnesses, as these areas are naturally weak in them. In occasion, you see your pet limping you should immediately check its legs, as this might be the start of severe ailment. All kinds of mongrels fare best under this sign, because it is believed that they contain the best qualities and advantages of the rest eleven signs out of Zodiac hierarchy. This also makes out of them very weird and interesting creatures.

They are born under watery sign and these hounds simply cannot do without water. They seem to be utterly desperate and unhappy when not having baths and swimming in pools or lakes for a long time. If talking about walking, then a sea walk would perfectly suit them. The most delicious meal would be the one that contains fish. What to do if you do not live near the sea or pond? Well, you have to purchase a big tub for such a pet. Such dogs love travelling on ships or swimming on boats in the river. Even if everything is dry around, these dogs would find some sources of water and everything would become wet. Notify that water is of great importance for them and it is better to provide them with it, otherwise they would eagerly jump into the very first puddle or would go on and on until they find any stream. They get tremendously excited when the rain starts. It is not advised showing them the drops of water in the shower as well. Otherwise, they would ask for a bath. All-in-all, these creatures are very funny, loving and charming. They make good and faithful fellas for life if understanding them correctly. You would hardly regret such companions as Pisces hounds.

The best combination of the canine out of Pisces is the union with either Cancer- or Scorpio-identities. Cancer-individualities are overly sensual and possess nice sense of humor. This can greatly help in finding the common interests. The Scorpio owners would understand the problems of the animals and they would surely treat them in the right way to make the pets happy.

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