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At times, the dog owners say that Libra dogs are manipulative and very smart. They are hard-nosed, when they do not wish to do some definite things. For instance, they would not move even for an inch, if they don't want to go for a walk. Do not blame your dog, if it acts differently from what you wished it would act. Under condition, its behavior is inappropriate for you, the fault is yours only. The dog simple copies your style of behavior. The only wrong thing is with you. For instance, if the humans do not go out while rainy whether they feel that it would be unfair, if the owner tells them to go out. If you eat meat with potatoes, you will have to give your pet the same meal. Of course, the dog would like to hang out with you. Nevertheless, it is impossible to take the dog with your friends on all occasions. For such situations, you may invite your friends who also possess dogs. This would be greatly appreciated by your pet and would add a lot of entertainment. However, your friends may not have dogs. Under such conditions, you will have to minimize the visits of your friends to your apartment. Thus, you will not let down your pet in its eyes.

However, this kind of dogs is a gentle one and finds great pleasure in pleasing its owner. It is a marvelous and loving creature. It thrives when its love and affection are well rewarded. Try to pay as much attention to such dog as you can. Feeling your devotion and possible sufferings, the dog will repay twice as much and will remain dedicated to you to the rest of its days. It does not like any kind of confrontation and is so to speak afraid to hurt the humans. It hates upsetting the owner. Nonetheless, it would remember and understand when it is misgiven and treated unfairly. Be honest and just with your dog and it will treat you in the best way. Don't hope that you will be able to trick such a clever dog.

If choosing amongst the twelve signs of Zodiac hierarchy, Leo-individualities are probably the most suitable owners for such hound. These two signs seem to know one another perfectly and can slightly collaborate with great dividends. Other two signs that can deal nicely with Libra dog are Gemini and Aquarius. However, it would be a huge mistake for the Aries-born to have such pet. Stubbornness and strong character of Aries would make this union unhappy. There will be restrictions and the treatment of the dog will be probably uneven. Such dog is an excellent choice for identities who are just and require funny and entertaining companions.

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