Taurus Child

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These very identities require appropriate conditions for their development. They require pragmatic and helpful materials. They seek a sense in everything they do and your objective is to secure that sense. They constantly improve themselves and there should be a firm guiding hand, pointing the correct direction. They build up from the small to the big.

These sensual children desire to feel the love of the world and thirst for using all of their senses. They wish to touch, smell and listen everything. Clay would be a perfect mean of introducing these desires in life. Various trips to the places where nature remains untouched would be great as well. Being at the seashore or among trees and flowers of a forest is a real cure for their souls. Individualities born under this sensitive sign also adore cooking. Therefore, show them the way to the kitchen. That very place would be another natural occupation for them. Many excellent cooks are Taurus. Mind the fact that these individualities always seek for security and convenience. They adore compiling material possessions and are almost obsessed with them. Nevertheless, you should not pamper them with all those riches. Being surrounded with luxury, they can slightly become egoistic and greedy.

Oppositely to Aries-born, the Taurus-identities eagerly listen to what the others say. They compile the received information and put it to use, reflecting all essential points. Other children find them kind, peaceful and steady. Nevertheless, they are very hard-nosed. Try to avoid confrontation with them and debating on the matters that are significant to them. Their opposition and stubbornness would only grow. It might take a lot of time until the inner flames of their rage would calm down. After they come to their senses, it is essential to remind them what good manners and gentleness mean and matter. Each deed has its consequence. To escape unpleasant conflicts, try to surround your children with love and care. They like that and more gentle and kind way of treating them would be more productive and effectual than confronting them and forcing to do what you want. Hard-nosiness may play a positive part in their future as well. It means persistence and so, they would be determined in the things they wish to reach. They would meet multiple challenges, but would surely overcome them. They are commonly liable, patient and almost never live through anger outbursts.

They have a deep and firm connection to their past. They would reluctantly give away some of their old possessions, even when they are so worn-off that cannot be put on once again. There may be some jealousy with other people, for they may "possess" their dear companions. They prefer being the leaders at home. Such kids ought to be taught the obedience. They have to know where their place is and when it is better to keep their mouth shut.

There are a lot of talented personalities amongst this sign. Oftentimes, you may hear their beautiful voices and they become very successful singers and even composers. The sounds of nature, such as the running stream or falling waterfall, singing of the birds and noises made by other beasts are the best melody for their ears. They require beautiful things, which are to be practical at the same time. They hate alterations, especially the unexpected ones. During such occasions, they activate their stubbornness and refuse accepting them. It is a bit scary for them and they need time to get used to the novelties. Your function here is to explain your children that our life is on a constant move and any sort of changes is a common and inevitable process, which should not frighten them. They have to accept them and adopt to them.

Cancer or Taurus mom is the greatest compatibility match for Taurus child. Virgo or Capricorn dad would be the greatest compatibility match for Taurus child.
Birth - 6 months
Huggable and kissable.
Feels comfortable being swaddled.
Is really picky when it comes to comfortable position.
6 - 18 months
Gets used to routine.
Becomes extremely curious and uses senses all the time.
Prone to put every single thing into the mouth.
The best toys choice is those that are tactile and different in textures.
Will probably be devoted to one special toy out of the others.
May seem to be not as active as his or her peers.
18 months - 3 years
Obstinacy and consistency start to become really noticeable.
The best word for all situation is "no".
To change something, the child should be taught and guided.
Perceives everything better when it is drawn or seen on the paper.
Negatively reacts on surprises and rapid changes.
Needs to work everything on practice, especially when hands are involved.
3 - 6 years
Picky, harder to satisfy all the needs and preferences.
Really energetic and daring sometimes.
Starts being competing.
Seems to be egotistic and not so cheerful.
Wants to be equally treated with adults.

Children & Parenting Astrology

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The role of a parent is always utterly significant, challenging and difficult. All of the child's best and worst qualities are the result of definite degree of parent's work. The child has to know how to face and overcome the life challenges.


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