Pisces Child

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These water-identities are all about thinking and imagining. They have an unconventional and vivid mind. Their symbol, two fishes united, but swimming in various direction, seems to emphasize that fact about them. These children are naturally overly sensual, kind, caring and affectionate. They adore peace and always reach out for harmony and balance. They like silence and solitude. Different kinds of arts calm them down. Particularly, music. If hurt, they would live very long with those bad memories and their wounds heal very long. They are idealists. Due to their eagerness of helping other folks at any cost, they oftentimes forget about their own needs and suffer a lot.

These kids have a strong and deep connection with all the "vibrations" of their environment and can slightly understand what the others feel. They absorb that information on the subconscious level. They copy the behavior of other children and adults and thus, can easily make a lot of friends, for they do understand the desires of others. They are totally kind and friendly. They would eagerly sacrifice their own goals, if you call them to your aid. Due to the fact they have a powerful connection with the faiths of others, their own sense of individuality is unclear. This is a crucial moment! You must teach such kid how to determine his/her own way. Otherwise, there is a great risk of being devoured by the wills of somebody else. They are too naïve and trusty and many people may take advantage in that. When there is little recognition of what the kid has sacrificed for others, it would greatly hurt him/her too.

The lesson of when to give and receive in return is of great importance for these identities. The road of continuous self-sacrifice is the wrong road that leads only to great pain and disappointment. If learning this life-lesson appropriately, Pisces-children will stand more firmly on their feet, knowing precisely what they are worth for and when they should get what they actually deserve. These folks like helping others and at the same time, enjoying that. Therefore, work at schools and churches may perfectly suit such needs. They like caring about the others and a pet may be good for curing his/her inner wounds. They are compassionate and always try to help the weakest amongst the crowd first.

Pisces-kids adore being unconventionally intuitive. They may not understand why they know so many things that seem to come from nowhere. However, they can foresee them. Being merry and kind-hearted, they easily heighten the spirits of other identities. They adore beautiful creations, arts, theatre and music. They are commonly very gifted and are good at painting or acting. They possess enormous imagination, but their potential may not be revealed at full, if they live through tough times. To develop their talents, you can put to use the things that comfort them - the arts and music. You also should teach them that stress is an inevitable part of everyone's life and they are to face it.

It is utterly essential to teach your offspring how to deal with his/her fears. We all are afraid of some things. It is a normal occasion. The question is in what manner we face our fears. We ought to bravely withstand them. These watery creatures adore water and swimming can hugely help them in overcoming difficulties that seem to overwhelm. There a lot of educators, physicians and spiritual servants amongst the grown-up Pisces.

Thanks to their ruling planet, which is Neptune, these identities are the masters of disguise and illusion. Oftentimes, when there appear difficulties, they start wearing a mask that is proper for this case. They are very gifted people and possess incredible kindness, imagination and are good at acting on the stage, painting, dancing and writing. The habit of taking up different shapes may make out of your child a manipulative and dishonest person. You have to watch this matter and prevent such happening. At times, your child may cheat, creating illusion of abuse, crying out aloud just to get what he/she desires. Teach the Pisces-kid to behave honestly.

The personality of each Pisces-individuality is predisposed to addiction of many kinds. The art of deception is one of them. Teach your child good habits, because if missing this moment, the road may lead to the darkness. Bad habits are indeed difficult to shake off. Each point and aspect is utterly important. Do not miss any and your kid will be fine and happy.

Cancer or Taurus may be the most compatible mother for a Pisces kid. Scorpio or Aries may be the most compatible father for a Pisces kid.
Birth - 6 months
Cute and huggable.
Amusing and loves to sleep.
Loves audience, but is ok with being alone.
Needs privacy.
Loves music and being lulled.
Needs gentle treatment.
6 - 18 months
Avoids and ignores strangers.
Attracted to nature and animals.
Will be happy to have some time in a swimming pool or bath regularly.
Pisces child is very vocal and loves to listen to music.
Touchy and emphatic.
Needs lots of attention and love all the time.
18 months - 3 years
Imaginative, instinctive, fancy.
Imaginary friends are norm for Pisces, and even good.
Engage Pisces into certain activity everyday. Never let him or she get bored.
Develop musical and creative skills.
Always encourage Pisces, no matter what results are.
3 - 6 years
Protects his or her own point of view.
Tries to fit into different roles.
Sometimes irritable without any reason.
Finds relax in fantasies.
Understanding and compassionate child.
Very curious and kind. Gets upset by evil and sad things in the world.

Children & Parenting Astrology

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The role of a parent is always utterly significant, challenging and difficult. All of the child's best and worst qualities are the result of definite degree of parent's work. The child has to know how to face and overcome the life challenges.


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