Libra Child

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Libra-identities like action. They are on a continuous movement and they hate stagnancy. These unique children always try to see themselves from the point of view of other folks. They seek their own reflection in the thoughts of others. These children will do whatever is needed to show other people how good they are, revealing their positive sides. They are looking for praise and appreciation from everyone who is dear to them. Accordingly, there would appear great confrontation between the Libra-kid and anyone who doesn't recognize his/her labors.

These children strongly stick to their closest friends and would protect them and secure and strengthen this fellowship. Commonly, these kids lack self-assurance. They are to be confident in what they are doing. Theater may help in this case, for there they can wear different masks, thus finding the one that perfectly suits them. They will learn how to overcome difficulties. They would improve their interaction with other people, which is of great importance for them, as these identities thrive if collaborating with somebody. These kids are very honest and fair. They wish to make everything fair and square. They ought to make everything plainly just. They may be wrong in making decisions and so, give your children some time to figure out the right way and afterwards praise for choosing what is good.

These identities are utterly good at resolving different conflicts. Afterwards, they become outstanding diplomats. Loving justice, they also prosper as lawyers and judges. In the class, they may take a role of peacemakers. Another great problem of the children is their inability to refuse. Many who take advantage in that case and gain what they need. It is essential to teach them the moment, when it is needed to refuse those who don't deserve their help. They have great love to everything beautiful and well balanced. They would seek for harmony in everything. Surround your children with great love, honesty and justice, as well as some pleasant and beautiful things.

They require a strong and deep connection with nature. Children adore different flowers, wonderful bright colors and freshness. They are natural artists and you are supposed to develop their talents. It would be also good to teach them how to get in touch with society, for they hate being alone and would always try to find more friends. Your objective here is to teach how to do that correctly. These kids are commonly enchanting and pleasant. They may wear masks at times of great stress. Tell them to leave such things and face the difficulties as they are in reality. If they highly value justice, they have to be just and honest themselves. This would be excellent for everyone.

Gemini or Libra mother is the most suitable in terms of compatibility for a Libra child. Leo or Aquarius father is the most suitable in terms of compatibility for a Libra child.
Birth - 6 months
Charming baby, non-demanding.
Beautiful and smiley.
Loves company and really observant.
Nervous when is alone.
Develops and grows better if he or she has a stable routine.
Comfort is the most needed component of happiness.
Percepts information mainly by vision and ear. Needs to develop those perceptional areas.
6 - 18 months
Is really communicative and loves when people are around.
Order and cleanness are very important factors for a comfort of Libra.
Will probably start speaking earlier than his or her peers.
Learns how to make decisions and how to choose the best possible answer.
Feels comfortable in strong hands.
Needs loose clothes that doesn't hinders movement.
Any physical limitation can lead to drama.
18 months - 3 years
Wants to communicate with someone even more.
Wants to be equal to others and have the same stuff that other kids have or even more.
Finds out what is good and bad, how to behave and forms first values.
Is very inquisitive about romantic relationships.
Will have a set of favorite items: from toys to spoon and clothes.
Solution-generating process is quite tough until someone provides approval.
3 - 6 years
Tries to fit into different social roles and to find a suitable one.
Knows that relationships can be different and changeable.
Fantasy arouses, get ready for a flow of different imaginative stories.
Forms rough classification of people based on comparing people with each other.
Will ask others to help with problematic decisions instead of coping with them independently.
Initiates interest in how things should be done, in rules, norms and regulations.
Needs someone to explain that life consists not only from black and white, but mediocre periods happen as well.
Needs to see bold limit lines and some help with making decisions.

Children & Parenting Astrology

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The role of a parent is always utterly significant, challenging and difficult. All of the child's best and worst qualities are the result of definite degree of parent's work. The child has to know how to face and overcome the life challenges.


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