Cancer Child

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These sensual individualities like caring about other folks. They are happy, when they are needed. They can slightly understand what others feel and wish, for they possess a developed intuition and emotions lead them. They are kind and will always stretch out their helping hand, forgetting about their own needs. They are devoted and trustworthy. They are very sensitive and can be easily hurt. The wounds run deep and can heal very long. That's why they utterly require safety in everything. Such children need much love and attention to be sure that they are under protection. They prefer being home, not straying away from it in finding adventures. Their major problem is dealing with their affection. The objective of the parents is to teach how to overcome emotional troubles. Everything starts in the childhood to which they greatly stick. They must be disciplined to overcome the difficulties on their own. Their parents must avoid pampering them too much in order of making out of them self-confident and courageous personalities. These individualities are protective and spend much time resolving the troubles of others. They are pretty talented and oftentimes, they grow into famous musicians, writers or singers. They have an inborn artistry and they can play almost any role on the stage. They adore animals and preparing different dishes. Commonly, they possess many talents at once.

These amazing kids know precisely the feelings of others and may easily "smell" the lies of the grown-ups. Consequently, it is of great importance to treat them equally and be honest with them. This sign sticks to the family matters stronger than any other sign and thus, is greatly influenced by the things that happen outside home. It is significant to bring up a cancer-child correctly. They understand the importance of family roots, but they also have to deal with the world outside. Oftentimes, due to the wrong treating from the side of parents, Cancer-kids grow with a lot of fears and aren't capable to withstand all the happenings in the world. They seek for protection, because they cannot defend themselves. Overly emotional state is dangerous for anyone, especially for Cancer-identities.

Oftentimes, when difficulties arise, they simply run back into their "shell" to hide there. Notwithstanding, they have to face all the troubles, because this is an inevitable part of everybody's life. The communication must run in a free and open way. Avoid emotional pressure, but do not pamper them too much. This would make their character rather soft and unstable. They stick tightly to their friends and things they have. They would hardly part with them. This matter must be watched as well, for they may get addicted to that. Teach them in such way that they could feel that they can do everything on their own and actually, they can slightly do that, but reluctantly undergo changes.

Cancer or Pisces mother is the most suitable in terms of compatibility for a Cancer child. Scorpio or Taurus father is the most suitable in terms of compatibility for a Cancer child.
Birth - 6 months
Nice, cute and often hungry.
Really sensitive about the atmosphere around.
Attached to mom, hardly goes to someone else.
Sincerely loves bath time.
The moods may change according to the phase of the Moon.
6 - 18 months
Shy, tender and huggable.
Inquisitive, blushing, needs guidance and gentle push to investigate the world around.
Likes tasty food, but is conservative about food.
The love to nature is in progress, long walks are favorable.
Always looks for support, and positivity.
18 months - 3 years
Transforms into more irritable person having lots of controversy.
Often is cute, frustrated, obstinate, attentive and secluded at the same time.
May become some sort of loud, whiney, and tenacious.
Takes all the words to heart, overreacts.
3 - 6 years
Sensitive, blocking, and unsteady sometimes.
Parents have hard times letting this cute little baby to grow up and be more independent.
The arousal of creativity and imaginary friends may appear.
Needs to supported by positive and encouraging atmosphere and firm advices.

Children & Parenting Astrology

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The role of a parent is always utterly significant, challenging and difficult. All of the child's best and worst qualities are the result of definite degree of parent's work. The child has to know how to face and overcome the life challenges.


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