Sagittarius Child

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These funny and energetic identities are on a constant movement and they like philosophy. There is a lot of thinking. They have curious and bright minds. They are uncontrolled sources of pure energy and enormous enthusiasm. These children prefer delving deep to find out the cause of any happening. They like trips, uncommon identities and all kind of entertainment. However, great amounts of energy make them harsh and inattentive with the feelings of other people. Teach them patience and attention. Otherwise, they may grow up rude.

This sign is known for being overly dynamic and curious about all the matters. This is the greatest explorer among other signs in Zodiac hierarchy. They know no rest and wish go ever on and on. No time for sitting meaningless in one place. It's time for adventures! You will commonly find your child somewhere outdoors, at your neighbors, far away in the forest and so on. They wish to explore our world. They see no boundaries and if any happen to be, they slightly break them. Of course, such long journeys are dangerous at times. Nevertheless, don't restrict the freedoms of your child, because it would sufficiently harm him/her and he/she will bitterly suffer from being encaged at home. At school, teachers may experience great difficulties when trying to calm down your kid, making him/her sit still in one place. Your aim here is to teach your child to obey. Such behavior is unacceptable. We all are free until some definite range. No matter what dreamers say about freedom without limits, which appears only when we encage our mind, there are restrictions and boundaries that we cannot or should not cross. Do not allow your child going too far. This will harm his/her future. Try to find the happy middle ground for developing the required social skills and satisfying the needs of your child.

It is a common fact that such kids adore travelling. Nevertheless, they accept all kind of travelling and can make journeys not only in physical aspect, but also with the help of their incredible imagination. Give them original books, adventurous movies and something of the kind. This will greatly encourage their imagination. They are good students and are ready to learn as long as they live. They would eagerly learn more about the most remote and strange places on the Earth. Oftentimes, you can see them in a company of weird folks, for they desire to know more about all types of people. They would gladly explore parks, mountains, seashores and other interesting and beautiful places.

Possessing tons of energy, these folks adore hanging out somewhere outdoors, taking part in friendly sport competitions and something of the kind. As the symbol of this sign is Centaur, little Sagittarians adore riding a horse. It would be useless in telling your little ones to finish home duties or cleaning their rooms, when they are out for fun. They would hardly be attentive at such times and accordingly, they miss many details. Therefore, you should check after them the completion of their tasks. It is advised to show them the way of focusing on the things they do, mastering patience and concentration, those things they commonly lack. Start from the easiest tasks, which are met every day. Thus, you will gradually pass over to more complicated objectives.

These kids have multiple friends, for they are kind-hearted, open-handed and easy-going. They are filled with positive energies and are always up for fun. If you wish to enhance your mood, seek for these merry people. Due to their great desire for movement, they lack patience for fulfilling their duties. Therefore, their parents ought to teach them how to bring their projects to a logical end. Afterwards, they will have a lot of free time for pleasure and entertainment.

Sagittarius or Libra mother is the most suitable in terms of compatibility for a Sagittarius child. Leo or Aries father is the most suitable in terms of compatibility for a Sagittarius child.
Birth - 6 months
Active and joyful.
Dynamic and energetic.
All the time that child doest sleep is spent with continuous movement.
Cheerful and funny.
Charms everyone without exception.
Needs "audience".
Can't stand being left alone.
Will have a better sleep if in the room he or she is able to hear known voices.
6 - 18 months
Inquisitive and active.
At this age is amused by fire very much.
Loves to explore new places and unseen before scenes with parents.
Prone to learning all the time no matter what the subject of learning is.
Stories fascinate little Sagittarius, the imagination is a strong side of this child.
18 months - 3 years
Tends to be more sociable and self-conscious.
Cheerful, courageous, and confident.
Wants to learn more and more.
Learns how to say a word "why" and waits for answers.
Asks questions about religion and mysteries.
Won't listen to parents if he or she wants to discover something new.
Fantasy is very versatile.
Sometimes it is hard to stop and calm down this child.
3 - 6 years
This kid is talkative, open, imaginative, talented, and active.
May be independent and shy at the same time.
Has short focus on something, always needs something more interesting.
Believes that world should be as it is in his or her dreams.
Tells a lot of imaginary stories.
Is very flexible with peers at school and with people around.
Obtains natural attraction and charm that provide popularity at school.
Natural desire to learn will make first years of school pretty easy.

Children & Parenting Astrology

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The role of a parent is always utterly significant, challenging and difficult. All of the child's best and worst qualities are the result of definite degree of parent's work. The child has to know how to face and overcome the life challenges.


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