Dealing with Eclipses and How They Work

29. If the eclipse doesn’t coincide with your ascendant or Zodiac sign, it doesn’t mean that it will have no effect on you.

moon, succsesfulFor example you are Taurus and the eclipse is in Leo. Don’t think it will leave you unattended. This eclipse may influence you to sign certain document, make a spontaneous trip or hear gossips about close person you know. So, if your sign differs from the sign in eclipse and your sign isn’t the opposite one to an eclipse, you will still be affected, but to a smaller extent.

30. When your birthday is not close to the eclipse in degree, check the planets from your natal chart, maybe some of them coincides with an upcoming eclipse.

When you take a look in your natal chart, you might see a planet or the Sun or our satellite have close degree to the eclipse, it means that this celestial body will produce changes to you. It is always better to know astrology or astrologer, or to be one in order to correctly read that an eclipse will influence particular sphere of your life. In order to get astrological knowledge, it is often enough to be attentive to people and phenomena around and in the world to get the pattern. Be attentive to details around you when certain heavenly body in your chart coincides with an eclipse. Even if it doesn’t touch you, make a note on what happens with others.

If the Venus in your chart has a good aspect (position) to heavenly bodies on the day you came to this world, it means that the upcoming eclipse with concern this area of your chart and would probably be positive for you.

If the Venus in your natal chart has not that good aspect to heavenly bodies on the day you were born, the eclipse may be a troublesome one for you. The eclipse will work on opening your emotions and working out the problem that you have, until it reaches culmination and you are free from it. Though the process is complicated, it I oriented on your wellbeing as a result.

An eclipse is not a force of evil. Depending on many factors, an eclipse can bring you positive changes at once, or you can withstand transitioning period, but the result will always be positive on the long run.