Dealing with Eclipses and How They Work

eclipse, hand31. Find you’re ascendant and also take a look at it.

An ascendant is as important as your Zodiac sign. Also look at the neighborhood of your ascendant, as planets right beside it can also be affected by an eclipse. If the degrees of the ascendant or neighboring planets are close to those of an eclipse (+- 5°), it is possible that you will be affected.

You can find your ascendant by having your natal chart and including your accurate date, time (with minutes), region, city of your birth. As soon as you have found it out, you should always check it, as well as you check your Zodiac sign. The ascendant is a key why every person with similar sign is not similar in many other things. You are made the way you are with the help of both Zodiac and Ascendant signs. Ascendant can also provide more specific information about the period in your life when something should happen.

Here you might need a help of astrologer or special astrological software or app. Because working with ascendant is a complicated task.

In case you are not aware about your precise time of birth, go to the registration offices like Bureau of Vital Statistics or the Hall of Records in your region. Then ask them to provide your birth certificate filled by a nurse in the moment of your birth. In the US, it costs more than ten dollars. Make sure you get the handwritten version, as it is the only true one, because you need to know minutes.

The information you get will help to construct your natal chart, and you do it once in a lifetime, so you can use it through your whole life.

32. Pay attention to the houses in your Zodiac sign chart and ascendant chart and notice which house the eclipse falls to. The associated area of your life will be influenced.

You have two charts: Zodiac sign (or Sun-sign) chart and ascendant chart. This chart is custom and unique for you. These charts are very important as they can show you the house of the eclipse, and corresponding areas in our life that can be massively changed.

If you don’t have one of the chart, the information you have will never be full. Find your Zodiac sign and ascendant and read interpretation on each of them.

We understand that it might be a little bit complicated, but you need to focus. If you have found a planet, the Moon or the Sun which has close or similar degree to an eclipse, look at the neighboring objects, their degrees, houses and location in the chart. Take a note on the planet or other heavenly object not to forget it.

What if the information of the two charts tells opposite? Then the one with the more negative information will be balanced by more positive aspects of the other chart. The good will harmonize and soften the bad. As the result you will find out that everything is better, than you have expected initially.

Attentiveness and observation are the key actions that can help you study astrological knowledge.

The best way to learn astrology is simply to observe! You will probably admit that the area of life that is governed by the house is getting more impactful for you, and the area under the control of certain planet in the chart takes more of your attention. You don’t need to know astrology deeply to see connections to this. You need observation and taking notes to find relations between heavenly objects and phenomena around you. In times of eclipses it is important to be as precise as possible while taking notes on them. Create your own eclipse time diary to have everything connected with eclipses there.

So, eclipses and their power are no longer a mystery for you.