Dealing with Eclipses and How They Work

27. Eclipses can open new things for you, though you have never imagined you can succeed in it.

moon, succsesfulEclipses often reveal the potential of the person, especially if it is a hidden one. You can get an offer to create something you’ve never thought of, like take part in the movie or song, or even to manage the whole department, though you have never thought of yourself as of a leader. Eclipses can crash your stereotypes about you and show what you are really capable of.

We will try to metaphorically describe the action of eclipse. Imagine you like to ride motorbikes. You’ve been doing it for a while, but you are just an amateur and have never even thought of extreme driving. You like to ride and feel the wind flows on your body, and that is everything you have ever wanted. And one day somebody says that you need to take a ride to a certain place. You know that the bridge there is quite old, but you agreed on riding. So you are riding, the wind flows over your body and you are thinking about something and you are distracted. Suddenly you woke up from your thoughts and you see that you are really close to that old bridge. But there is a gap, there is no bridge there anymore.

You try to push the brakes but your motorbike doesn’t react on it. So the only thing you can do is to try to ride over the gap, like extreme riders do. You are scared; your heart seems to jump out of your chest. Then you catch yourself on the thought that your good old motorbike is ten times better than you thought. You are feeling the moment you path the place where the bridge used to be and you successfully land on the other side and continue your trip. You have mixed emotions, as you have never thought you would manage something like this and what’s more that you would like it. You have opened new characteristics of yourself and your bike. The eclipse causes similar feelings.

Some Essential and Specific Eclipses Information

28. Not each and every eclipse in a family of signs will concern you. It depends purely on math, some eclipses may hit you, some can pass right beside you.

The eclipses that can concern you are those that are close or similar in degrees to your Sun, moon and planets in your natal chart. When you came to this world, the pair of planets that was near your sign in the sky also has some influence.

You should always look at the birth date and the degree of each eclipse. If your Sun sign coincides with the family of signs of a certain eclipse, this eclipse will be an essential one for you.

Usually family series of eclipses consists of 6 to 8 eclipses within the period of 1 ½ or 2 years. Out of this amount of eclipses you can feel 2-3, but not all of them. All the eclipses that pass right beside you and don’t concern you may have a slight effect on your life or they will be simply insensible.