Dealing with Eclipses and How They Work

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24. It is possible that you will be overly sensitive during an eclipse, especially if it is a lunar one.

Your reasoning will be illogical, it will always seem like you lack of something. That’s why it is better to reschedule making decisions on later. Of course, it sounds easy, but in real life it is harder to do. So the best way out is to react on the events, but carefully and double-check everything. However, if there is a slightest opportunity to move the decision making on the 5 days or a week – just do yourself such favor.

25. Do not plan a lot during an eclipse.

Unload your agenda during this period, as eclipse brings lots of spontaneous activities or sudden actions that will demand your attention. You will experience changes in your life. Also, if you have a possibility to delegate your amount of work, or to get help from somebody, feel free to do so. Eclipse will find how to distract you.

26. Do not hurry to characterize an eclipse as positive or negative for you. Every eclipse has another side.

Often eclipses introduce their main message as soon as they come, however you need more time to understand the message behind the eclipse. If you feel that an eclipse is something bad for you, try to reconsider it, take a look at it later. It is highly possible that it is a transitioning period to something better. Don’t hurry to judge it.

Let’s move to an example. A woman has been working for the same company for fifteen years and she is a decent worker. She didn’t get essential raises, only so small that it is even hard to notice. However, she was a good and a loyal employee. However, within the first day of eclipse she is being fired as the owner closes the business. She is hurt and doesn’t know what to do. However, the universe sends eclipse to provide changes she needed for a long time. She has good recommendations and experience, so now she can find another job which is paid better, but she wouldn’t do it herself, due o her loyalty and principles. Two months later she found a job way better, and she feels comfortable there. Only after some time passed by she understood that the things happened as they should be, and it turned out good for her. Though, initially eclipse brought ‘bad’ news into her life.