The Moon's Sign on a Certain Day

Moon, zodiac

The Moon promotes such type of actions:

In Aries, fast decisions that bring instant outcome. Decisions connected to inner self and personal accomplishments. During this time your authority may be slightly compromised, so get ready for challenges. It is a perfect time to start short-term activities.

In Taurus, essential and practical actions that bring tangible outcome. Money related activities, and ones concerning personal property, requesting a financial help, starting a long-term romantic connection, enjoying music, making interior related activities.

In Gemini, intelligent, sociable actions, and multitasking. Books, courses, chats and negotiations, family or friends time are in favor.

In Cancer, home related activities, or ones that satisfy a person at that moment. Meeting friends or gathering a whole family can be a good idea.

In Leo, original activities, time spending with children, benevolent deeds, doing something unusual for a person.

In Virgo, intellectual work, career related acts, everyday routines and perfecting of skills. Doing things that develop a person and give a detailed understanding of a field in interest.

In Libra, relationship questions, communicative and career related activities. Thoughts that help a person you understand inner world and beauty procedures.

In Scorpio, everything connected with finances and taxes and psychological issues, inner problems that need to be solved, throwing old things out of life.

In Sagittarius, spontaneous activities or trips, learning new things and meeting of extraordinary people, going for sports and beauty procedures.

In Capricorn, long-term actions that give stable result but need some time. Reasonable investments, pragmatic decisions and weekly shopping.

In Aquarius, extreme and interesting decisions, experiments, meeting and making friends with new people, trying new food, friendly evening with friends.

In Pisces, deep understanding of inner processes in oneself, moral development, listening to music and relaxing after stress and having a rest.

Electional Astrology using the Moon

Moon shape

The best aspects for the start of the activity are considered to be sextile, trine and rarely a conjunction (it depends on planet’s nature). The nature of the aspect is important; furthermore the planet's nature that is in aspect with the Moon also needs attention.