Electional Astrology using the Moon

Moon shape

If you want to know the proper time to start the project or new important undertaking with the hints from lunar positions you need to remember 2 essential points:

1) Remember the first lunar applying aspect right after the launch of your activity. It will be associated with the way your activity starts. The best aspects for the start of the activity are considered to be sextile, trine and rarely a conjunction (it depends on planet's nature).
2) Remember the last lunar applying aspect before the sign there changes (see the table). It will be associated with the result of your activity or project. It is better when this aspect is in conjunction to an easy planet, trine or sextile.

The nature of the aspect is important; furthermore the planet′s nature that is in aspect with the Moon also needs attention. It depicts the situations that may occur around your project.

One more impactful factor of time is the phase of the Moon. The simple principle states that the best period to start something is when the Moon is in growing positions like from the new to full Moon. The continuing of the activity and its developing is more favorable during the progressing phases from the full to new Moon.

Every lunar phase is a certain symbol of power of goal. The New Moon is a time to start something, to give the first impulse. The Crescent Moon is a phase for learning, and time to make your plans real. The Moon in the First Quarter is a conflicting time when troubles should be outlined. It is time for creating of new plans and searching for better opportunities. The Gibbous Moon is a high time to include some corrections and to perfect what you already have. The Full Moon is a time for accomplishment and first tangible results. It is a time of opening and disclosure. The Disseminating Moon is a communicative time, when social interaction intensifies and relationships are important. The Last Quarter Moon is a period to leave some things behind, and the Balsamic Moon is a phase for relax and self-analysis.

The Moon's Sign on a Certain Day

Moon, zodiac

In Aries, fast decisions that bring instant outcome. In Cancer, home related activities, or ones that satisfy a person at that moment. In Libra, relationship questions, communicative and career related activities. In Capricorn, long-term actions that give stable result but need some time.