Dealing with Eclipses and How They Work

21. Eclipses come back in almost the same degree and sign every nineteen years.

planet, moon, men, jumpAs you know, the family of signs comes back every 7-8 years, but they come back in different mathematical degree from what we had previous time. But, if you take a look at 19 years in the past and at the series of eclipses that were this year, you might be in slight shock to find out that most of them will be in the similar family of signs, degree and even the date of arrival. However, it doesn’t mean that the year is going to repeat its history, as the position of planets is ever-changing. The point is that looking at 19 years back you may get the atmosphere and the hint on main events that follow that year. It is important as you can find out a lot for yourself.

We will tell you the story of one astrologist. Her daughter was 18 y.o. and she was going to college. It was the day she moved into her dorm room. Her mother was really nervous, as besides from the fact of a child going to college, it was an eclipse time. The mother was afraid that the daughter and her husband had to drive lots of miles to the college. Being an astrologist she knew its possible impacts.

So, in order to find out a little bit more on what she can expect from an eclipse she looked back at 19 years. She was quite skeptical about it, as 19 years seemed to have nothing in common with the daughter who was only 18. She compared the date and the eclipses on the 19 years interval. Then she was shocked. 19 years ago she was pregnant with her daughter. It was the universe that was teaching her to be mother, introducing a new role in her life. That eclipse changed her life. So now, 19 years later she was learning to be mother again. But now she needed to learn to be a mother of a college student, of almost an adult and cope with her new role of a mother.

So you can also look back at 19 years to find out what were you going through and have a general idea of what to expect, but in terms of modern situation in your life.

22. The four eclipses that appear every year will be in the same degree, sign, and date as they were 19 years ago.

It is a good decision to take a look back in time, to understand what the main situations that filled your life were, so now you can make similar assumption on what to anticipate. You just need to look at 19 years ago, and check the events during an eclipse period.