Dealing with Eclipses and How They Work

atmosphere, moon9. Admit every news you hear during an eclipse even if they seem fake, unbelievable or silly. Take them into account.

Most of the time news during an eclipse appear to be essential and crucial, however sometimes the hint from the universe will not be that obvious. It may be as someone’s secret or rumor. Despite the form it comes in, it will forecast some crucial upcoming events. Just the fact that you hear something during an eclipse is a sign to remember it, to get ready according to information that you have. The worst you can do is simply ignoring it. In 4–5 months, the situation related to this news will escalate. So, it is just a matter of attention. The universe sends you signs during an eclipse and it is only up to you whether you get them or become shocked months after.

10. Pay attention to your health if an eclipse happens 6 months before your birthday or if it is exactly opposite your birthday.

If you have birthday which is half of year apart from an eclipse like the birthday on August, 1 and an eclipse on February, 7, it is a reason to pay attention to your health. As the eclipse is 180° to your birthday, which means it is in opposition to it.

Also check if an eclipse is close to the degree of your ascendant or any other planet in the 1st house, if it is, you also need to save yourself in terms of health. Eclipses highlight the weaknesses in our health that can be coped with quickly, but it is important to pay attention to it.