Virgo + Scorpio

When they meet for the first time, they don’t give each other a lot of information, trying to keep their mouths shut. They are a puzzle for each other, so they are able to go through this intrigue to find out more about each other. Scorpio will use the tactics of observation to understand what Virgo is about. However, Virgo is a tough one and will open only step by step. It doesn’t mean they will have problems falling in love; there will be no tension, only interest in where it is going.

Scorpio’s type of person rarely speaks with hints; they prefer straightforwardness. It can hurt Virgo in some ways. Virgo will strike back with a wave of unexpected criticism. As a result, both of them will close to protect their inner world. In order to be happy together, they need to learn not to hurt each other on purpose and be more careful with words.

Virgo and Scorpio like to use work and career as a tool for self-realization, so they will have a lot of things in common. They understand the importance of work and readily encourage each other to achieve more. However, everything, including work, is good when balanced. They should have some rest together regularly in order to have a better life and opportunities in the future.

Scorpios tend to have manipulative behavior. When a Virgo realizes it, it can lead to a scandal. Virgo can be easily influenced due to inner insecurities. For Virgo, their private life is very important, because they want to know they can trust their partner. Scorpio will need to learn patience and to open up to a partner in order to establish intimacy. If Virgo feels acceptance and mutual trust, he or she can encourage and support their partner as nobody can.

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