Virgo + Sagittarius

These signs are highly adaptive, and their behavior often depends on the person right beside them. It is their advantage, as they are unconsciously ready for any situation and any person in their life. Another feature that unites them is the desire to have fun; together they are hilarious.

Sometimes, they feel that they are too different because of their different approaches to life. Sagittarius is chaotic and unexpected in their actions. Virgo likes everything set and planned ahead. Together, they create an extraordinary and interesting combo. Sagittarius is able to loosen Virgo’s limitations and show life from another perspective. Sagittarius is energetic, and often this energy is enough to fill two lives. The only way for them to stick together for a long time is to develop patience.

Sagittarius will often feel uncomfortable to see Virgo counting each step, as it is a trait of Sagittarius’s personality to take risks, to try things, and not care if they fail. It creates an illusion that Sagittarius is really lucky, as they don’t make a failure a big deal, and they don’t let anybody think so. Virgo can feel overwhelmed with Sagittarius, as they don’t feel safe and sound if they are not sure of what’s ahead. It can slow them down as a couple, especially during the dating phase. Sagittarius can easily get bored before actually getting to know Virgo.

Sagittarius is a dreamer and always percepts the world in a wider sense, so the way Virgo cares about details, routine, and trifles seems unreasonable to this sign. They can be great together, as both have something to give to and learn from a partner. Virgo desires to get new experiences from life and can inspire Sagittarius to direct his/her energy into one great project.

They are opposites with something in common, so with a good deal of hard work, they can become successful. They have conflicting energies, but this conflict makes them move forward and develop, so it is rare that these two are bored in each other’s company.

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