Virgo + Pisces

It is a complicated combination, but there are many of them around us. This is a typical example that differences gravitate to each other. It also depends on the power of will and desire of people to be together despite their peculiarities.

Virgo is a pragmatic sign that likes everything to be clear. Pisces wants the fantasy world to be real, striving to fulfill creative desires. If they meet, they can find happiness by accepting their partner as is. Their combination is full of passion, care, sensitivity, and support.

Pisces are creative, as they have a vivid imagination. It also makes them want perfection, but it doesn’t exist, so they are often dissatisfied with the reality they need to face. They love to surround themselves with beauty and comfort, which is really appealing to Virgo. Virgo are more down-to-earth and usually career-oriented, which drives Pisces mad sometimes. They need to strive to find a balance, and they can be really happy together.

Both Virgo and Pisces are extremely sensitive to the atmosphere around them. They don’t like overcrowded places and need time in solitude to restore their strength. Virgo will help Pisces to find joy in reality, find their place and self-fulfillment. Pisces can show Virgo how to release tension and develop creativity and open new and unknown aspects of their character. Together, they can bring real happiness with each other, despite their differences. Virgo will help Pisces gain confidence, and Pisces will show how to get rid of the nervousness that is natural for Virgo. The real secret of their bond is that they are able to accept each other without aggressively changing their partner.

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