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After you've started from three slow-moving planets, we can continue our trip towards the Earth. The next planets to consider are Mars, Saturn and Jupiter. Though these planets are moving quickly, it is still important to make the observations on the same issues. What houses do the transiting planets belong to? Are there any aspects with other planets or crossing with other planets? How long do they stay in a certain house? Which aspects they create with the natal planets?

The same pattern works for the motion of the Venus, the Sun, the Moon and the Mercury. Draw them on your birthchart and see how they are transiting through houses and the planets in your chart.

The experience of many astrologers shows that the most optimal way to study astrology is to learn the transits by drawing the planets in your chart, following their movements and comparing their aspects and positions regarding one another and making observations based on it. We recommend you to make notes on your impressions and finding or to have a diary, so you are able to keep track of changes in you and connect it to the transits. One day you will try to understand what is going on with you and you will try to cope with the troubles of this day, and the other day you will finally pull yourself together and everything will be clear for you. Looking in your chart you will understand that such changes in you are sponsored by a transit of Sun to your natal Uranus, and Pluto transit to your Moon for a longer period. Other day you don't feel like doing a lot of things and generally you feel lazy and then you look at the chart and see the transiting Moon to your third house or it is in aspect to the natal Mercury. Keeping track of your everyday life and checking the natal chart can add to your knowledge of yourself.

For the sake of observation, you can choose one planet, the ruler of the Rising sign in your natal chart, especially if it is one of the fast planets and follow it through its full cycle. You will have quite tough schedule if you have Ascendant in Cancer or if you would want to choose the Moon, as it moves fast, but it is very good to follow. The Moon influences our emotional state, mood, disposition through her cycle. The complete cycle of the Moon is 27 days and 12 hours. Follow her cycle and your emotions during the observation. It would be great for your studying experience and inner understanding of self. Look at her houses, transits aspects with other planets.

Introduction to Transits

planets, transits

Speaking about transits, we will face cycles of movements of the planets one more time, however, it will be way closer and more thorough. Transits in astrology refer to the positions of the planets regarding zodiacal belt by the particular needed moment.


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Astrology is a study that researches the motion of the planets and celestial objects around our solar system. Space and planets can give us expanded perspective of our lives and show interrelation with our roots.