Taurus + Capricorn

Taurus and Capricorn can become a great combination. They are very interesting personalities who can find a common ground and spend a lot of time conversing about different ideas. They both like material things and value hard work. Capricorn has mysterious character and is quite doubtful when others show their emotions, which is strange for Taurus. Taurus is attracted to Capricorn due to the seriousness and steadiness – the qualities Taurus values the most. Of course, Capricorn is way more restrained than Taurus with its positive sensitivity. The emotions of Capricorn are usually kept in secret, and this sign needs lots of time to truly believe someone. However, Taurus is very patient, especially when he or she has a goal.

Taurus helps Capricorn relax and feel safely. Taurus is capable of a great love and affection, and Capricorn is amazed that something like this really exists. Taurus opens other sides of Capricorn, showing soft and vulnerable nature of this secretive and protective sign. Capricorns usually hide behind social norms, conservatives and their own set of principles. Taurus shows that the world is not only black and white and that true romantic relationships are real.

However, both of them in different period of their life tend to prefer career over relationships, as these signs value possessions. Also, Taurus may become irritated by continuous complications of Capricorns character, and Capricorn may view Taurus as someone too stubborn to lead conversation with. If these two signs fight for each other and don’t give up – they can accomplish their goals together, spending great time on the way.

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