Taurus + Cancer

These two can make an amazing couple. They can share lots of their hobbies and ideas together, and they will find support from their partner. Cancer is a sign that needs someone beside, as well as Taurus who likes to share pleasures and comfort in a warm and loving company. They manifest huge care about each other till the first misunderstanding occurs. However, this care and attention to each other takes a long time to come. Both signs are thinkers, rather than doers.

These signs are quite similar when it comes to the questions of time. They need lots of time to make the right decisions. Both of them are quite stubborn, but Taurus simply doesn’t want to step out from the principles, while Cancer often acts rather protectively, avoiding confrontations, making everybody understand that he or she will not change the mind.

Taurus and Cancer often have the same dream and goal. They are a mutual support that these signs need so much. They are not so confident if alone, but together they complement each other, empowering and inspiring for more.

Cancer knows how to deal with money and Taurus values material things. Both of them often live in the past, and it can create problems in a couple. In times of trouble and during misunderstanding it is hard for any of them to give in, their stubbornness is huge. Sometimes they just need to recharge being alone. However, these two are too smart to lose each other. They will remember the perks of being together. It is very important for them to find their own place, where they are independent, can decide what to do and create their own rules and live in comfort.

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