Taurus + Aquarius

As soon as they meet each other it will be clear if they can be together or not. In case of Taurus and Aquarius – time is the main factor. At the beginning both signs need some time to shape the opinion about each other. Usually, Aquarius is the first one, so when it is Taurus’ turn, Aquarius may become too impatient to wait for when Taurus sorts everything out for oneself.

Aquarius is smart and creative sign who tries to move only forward, and Taurus usually sticks to the past and is too hard to move from the safe place. Introducing changes to Taurus should be something gradual, but not fast, as Aquarius has chances to scare and irritate Taurus. Aquarius is as stubborn as Taurus when it comes to personal opinion. Both of the signs are competing for the leading position in the relationships, but nobody is ready for consensuses. If they want to succeed they need to treat each other like equals and practice mutual respect.

Though this combination is complicated for people, these signs can be happy together. It will take some time and work on both parts, but it will strengthen their bond. If they learn to preserve individuality in each other without trying to change the partner, they can live happily, cultivating and improving traits of each other.

The most successful couples of this sign support ambitions of each other, respect the boundaries of one another and though they live together – everybody has a hobby or a place to distract. If they find a solution on how to stop conflicts and be more open-minded, they will have devoted and long-lasting union.

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