Your Zodiac Sign-based guide to the best Shopping Companions - Part 2

Going shopping? Choose the right zodiac to ensure with a wonderful experience.

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Libra: Though Libras are not that passionate and happy about the shopping, they still have a good taste and need to buy something new for their collection of sophisticated things. They know all the latest trends and know good brands with nice style and high quality. They are the best advisors if you need something of an exquisite style. Also, they don't need a lot of time to find a good piece of clothing. However, it is not that cheap to go shopping with them. It is not about seasonal upgrades of the wardrobe, it is about classy and timeless things. Like, if you want to buy a good evening dress, it would be hard to find someone better.

Scorpio: Scorpios are good companions during the shopping time, especially Scorpion husbands, as they will always prevent you from a wrong deal. Of course, they are not that enthusiastic to go shopping, but they will be patient and understanding. They are quite relaxed partners during shopping, rather neutral. Scorpios can sit and look like other people intensively shop and keep calm. As soon as their shopping partner is ready with all the stuff, Scorpios will readily leave the place and have a rest at home or in the restaurant. They need to restore their energy after such long shopping, so they like to treat themselves after with something tasty.

Sagittarius: Sagittarius believe that they dress the best among everyone else, especially women. They follow the hottest and ultrafashionable trends. They can fit everything on themselves if it is fashionable, no matter how they look in it. They have often saturated schedule, so you will need to find a spare time so they can go shopping with you. If you are searching for some really unusual clothing they are your best companions. If you agree with everything they say to you, they will give you very good style advice. As for Sagittarius men they are less involved in fashion, but they still have inner good choice of clothing, though they prefer to buy a book or musical album instead of clothing.

Capricorn: If you want to go shopping with Capricorn, you should anticipatory tell them to find a tie for it. They are not impulsive type of shoppers. They need it to be planned. Then, Capricorn would readily join you. Capricorns are not the fans of boutique shopping, they prefer something known and regular. Mass market shops will be just ok. However, it doesn't mean that they can't shop there. Everything depends on the mood and on the clothing needed for particular occasion. They are quite practical and will find quite a good place with nice prices and good quality. Generally, Capricorns prefer well-known and time-tested brands, so they won't make a mistake in their choice. They are good shopping companions and pleasant people. Capricorn women, for example, like to find clothing for someone else, rather than for themselves.

Aquarius: Aquarius is a very intelligent sign, and it reflects on their styling choice. The tips they give are very logical, and you understand that these people are really thinking about how to make you look better. Generally, not so many people invite them for shopping, as Aquarius are secluded and not so communicable people. But, they are really helpful shopping mates. With their eclectic feel for good things, they can find you things for your wardrobe in which you look extraordinary, but still classy. They are good to search for universal and timeless clothing like good pair of jeans and black sturdy shoes. They are very interesting people, who can make your shopping really funny and full of new facts and decisions. Aquarius doesn't like to spend money on clothing, but may become a good shopping companion.

Pisces: Pisces are quite emotional during shopping. They are the type of people who can spend most part of their money on clothing and then never regret it no matter what. Though they are kind and practical, they seem to lose their heads during sales season or when they are in a vulnerable or emotional state. When you go shopping with Pisces, make sure you don't spend more than you planned. Pisces are sudden shoppers, as they randomly see a clothing, fall in love with it and buy. They have so many clothing at home and they still don't want to give it on charity or throw it away. The time spend with Pisces during shopping will be insensible, so keep the track of your time. However, they are not the people to listen to if you need a styling advice.

Based guide to the best Shopping Companions - Part 1

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Going shopping? Choose the right zodiac to ensure with a wonderful experience. For example, Aries are the best choice if you are planning a long shopping day, full of packages and good emotions. Leo have a good taste and sense of style.